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Why Google+ are better than Facebook and Twitter?

Google+ on-line a month later, technology fans did not seem to be met. Google still looking for their own social strategy, Google+ already has sufficient visibility, attracted 20 million users alleged. Although this does not and Facebook staggering 750 million users and Twitter's 200 million users compared, but the two social networks exist much longer.
We have found that several features of Google+ better than Facebook and Twitter, in particular in terms of privacy and video chat.
The following is a strong Facebook and Twitter Google+ than five functions:
1, circles
Google+ is the most talked about feature is the circle, this feature allows users to well managed and shared topics of concern. Use of circles, users can send status updates to a specific group. For example, users can create a circle of friends who love music, then he can only in this circle to share his newly created music videos.
Facebook and Twitter also offers sel ective sharing features, but their functions are a bit confusing. Users can block a group on Facebook for updates, but really want to achieve is very time consuming. For Twitter, users will either their personal information is completely open, or completely private, in addition there is no other choice.
2, Hangouts
Another frequently mentioned Google+ Hangouts feature is (Hangouts), which allows users to carry up to 25 people simultaneously and free video chat. When a user chat, chat object will appear in each small box, the speaker will appear at the top of a large window.
While Facebook and Skype partnership will introduce video chat Facebook, but it only supports one to one chat. Facebook CEO Mark Zuckerberg (Mark Zuckerberg) hinted that video chat on the site will have more features, but still video chat Google+ champion. Twitter then, unfortunately, there is no video chat.
3, the mobile functionality
Google+ has released Android and iOS apps, both applications are mobile populations excellent support. In addition to viewing updates and watch videos and other basic functions, the mobile application also has a group chat feature called Huddle. And the application of different Facebook and Twitter, Google+ mobile application allows multiple users to simultaneously and chat with friends, we can plan together or spend their time.
While Twitter's mobile presence is also very good, but its network core functional limitations hindered its performance on mobile devices. Facebook's mobile application brought view updates and send messages is still good, but really want to catch up with Google+ application, but also needs to be thoroughly updated.
4, data download
Provide personal data to the user to download and convenient update function in the mainstream social network, Google+ is the first one. The new Google Takeout service allows users to download fro m the Google servers to save their data. For example, the user wants to quit tomorrow, Google+, cancel the account before it can be easily download their status updates.
As of now, Facebook and Twitter do not offer a similar service.
5, Sparks
Sparks (Sparks) should be underutilized in Google+ one of the functions. This feature allows users to follow topics interest or hobby, find out their favorite videos or articles and other content. The contents of each block will have a share button at the bottom, the user can easily share the content circle of friends.
Sparks in Google+ toolbar on the left of the bottom, it is easy to be ignored, for the first time into the post, its function is also giving a very narrow sense. It has a preset interest riding, fashion, recipes, sports, Android and robots and other topics. But the top of the page it also provides a search bar, users can search for your topics of interest.
On Facebook and Twitter to find and share content are not very convenient. This two competing social network users in other people always let the flow of information to find the content, or fro m outside the site looking for new things to share with friends.
Although in order to catch up with the popularity of Facebook and Twitter, Google+ there are a lot of work to do, but it's done a lot of work is correct. These features have been highlighted above indicate Google made the right decision. But Google also made mistakes, such as stopping the "pseudonym" the user's account and so on. Facebook and Twitter Google+ will definitely watch every move, and add the appropriate function to make themselves do not fall behind.
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Why Google+ are better than Facebook and Twitter?:We have found that several features of Google+ better than Facebook and Twitter, in particular in terms of privacy and video chat.

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