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Hao123 website

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Summary:Hao123--professional and authoritative Internet navigation of the Web site. Timely recording including music, video games, novels, popular category of outstanding sites, full integration with search,.
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Hao123 website

Hao123--professional and authoritative Internet navigation of the Web site. Timely recording including music, video games, novels, popular category of outstanding sites, full integration with search, is the Internet home of tens of millions of Internet users. Hao123 allowing you more relaxed, more convenient, is the goal of our efforts every one a person. Internet access starting from hao123.

Development history

Hao123 website founded in May 1999, former name is "exciting and practical Web sites", later renamed "Hao123 website". Hao123 navigation of the Web site of the Internet brand, the first stop for millions of users Internet access. "Good Internet life, starting from hao123" hao123 is the Internet's first portal for Chinese users.

Web site features

Hao123 provides Internet users with the most accessible Web experience, friends came here to quickly find self needs a Web site, rather than having to remember too many complex Web sites.

Current development

On August 31, 2004, at a time when the "2004 China Internet Conference and Asia Pacific Digital Technology Expo" held in Beijing, "Baidu acquisition of 265hao123!" Baidu invested 50 million Yuan, plus parts of Baidu's shares, traded on both sides belong to the Mainland of China involving a large amount of site acquisition.
Almost all Internet Web site follows the characteristics of hao123, hao123 has become an industry standard, is also the preferred brand in the Chinese Internet users navigate the Web site.

Development history

Than Sina, Sohu, NetEase, Internet predators, "ugly" Hao123 has never received media attention, its founder Li xingping "black Apple is not on" screen name instead of the more well known fantasy movie and a donkey, but this does not prevent Hao123 gained huge commercial success. In fact, Hao123 formally launched the network since 1999, from September 1, 2004, Alexa ranks 26th in the world, over many domestic well-known professional website, and even rival portals such as TOM. Since the day it was founded, Hao123 relies on simple page, just the site chosen, became the first choice of many computer users boot, especially in urban and rural areas throughout the Internet cafes, Hao123 is often set to Internet Home, many grass-roots Internet users ' Internet experience from click Hao123.
Expressed that Hao123 the success is a miracle in the development of the Internet in China, is a replicable "fortuitous event". However, close examination of Hao123 business rule development process and analysis of its success, founder Li xingping is itself is a Web site owner and customers this "two in one" identity, brought about by the natural sensitivity based on customer experience and the ability to listen anytime, anywhere to respond to the call of this sensitivity and improved behavior, form the website Hao123 the looks is not the core competitiveness of competitiveness.

Founder introduction

Grass-roots Li xingping
Li xingping, born in 1979 in xingning city in Guangdong Province, parents are local farmers, xingping after graduating from junior high school to return home to make a living. By 2005 a trip for the first time, was at the Shenzhen.
In 1999, the network in China's increasing popularity, xingning city began with Internet cafes. At this point, fascinated, Li xingping in local Internet cafes with Internet access to find an Internet Cafe was the Administrator's job.
Because you want to help people save the computer to make money, he needs a network query parts information like quotes, he soon found that the information found on the Internet is difficult, the then Chinese website content rich enough not only, limited in number, and those using English alphabet Web site one by one down, it is not an easy thing. So, he came up with a solution to design a personal Web page, good Web site he gathered together, and with them to establish a link. When the next online, he's very convenient direct access to common Web sites.
Internet Cafe Li xingping every day as an administrator in the Internet, soak in those who play games, chat, Internet users with Internet access. Soon, he discovered that Internet cafes to a lot of people don't know how to Internet access, Internet access and don't know where to find the content you need. Internet is very expensive at that time, time and money are often at a loss in the sumptuously loss.
He designed the simple personal home pages began to play magic effect. He began consciously to do Web site address to collect classified work, love figured he thought to be a "book of Web site" type of thing. Six months later, Li xingping homepage Hao123 prototype began, he was given it's name is "book of Web site." He was China's top 5,000 sites for categorizing, grouping together according to purpose. He then started to do some clicking on ads and website alliances, as traffic increased, fixed advertising the website.
Website revenue, he needs to officially register a name, "Hao123" suddenly jumped into his mind. "There is nothing too much to consider, no special meaning, just think it is simple, easy to remember. "Li xingping said.
Good news is, he is thinking of "Hao" and not "great" or "wonderful". In this way, Li xingping junior high school graduates with a primitive instinct became "Hao123" father of.
2000 interim, Hao123 Web site to basic, start by clicking on ads to make money. Although the bursting of the dot-com bubble led to sudden death of many sites, however, Hao123 cold feel to your network are not deep. "Originally an advertising fee is probably hundreds of dollars, then revenue 1000 Yuan a month, progressively to four thousand or five thousand dollars, have reached tens of thousands of Yuan in 2001, 2003, 2004, stabilized at around 800,000 yuan of income every month. "Li xingping said.
Hao123 has been only one Li xingping in management, low key he had been "secretly" about it, his friends didn't even know he is Hao123 website webmaster. Of course, his workload is very big, "about 6-7 hours a day is in check, update your links. But too many links, I cannot check every day, so I often wonder about some links to websites containing illegal, pressure and workload is huge. "
Because starting early, until around 2002, Hao123 did not appear strong competitors. Up to 2003, "265" website appears, Hao123 views have reached a certain size, navigating a Web site first in place firmly.
Founder Li xingping junior high school education, Internet cafes a short work experience, which founded Hao123 has become an advantage--being in the process because they do not understand, can appreciate the difficulties normal Internet access, facilitates Internet access for ordinary people, Hao123.

Baidu acquisition

This is a dusty acquisition. August 31, 2004, Baidu announced a $ 11.9 million Yuan and 40,000 shares of stock acquisition of Hao123 Web site. According to Liang Dong, Vice President of Baidu memories: this acquisition, Baidu is listed as an important preparatory work before.
On July 20, 2008, as an ordinary Internet users, Baidu, I found Home there have been great changes, hao123 links to Baidu a bit "hao123 Baidu" knows this correlation.

Hao123 group buy page online

On June 30, Hao123 Baidu company group buy revision, formal integration into the renamed group buy Baidu, Baidu group consolidation of famous domestic group purchase websites daily group buy goods and services, dining, leisure, life services, online shopping categories to display. Group purchase websites may apply to access Baidu's customers currently overseas already have API interface. In addition, Baidu group buy "my group" function, through the platform for purchasing behaviour can be seen in the Baidu account of himself.
On June 12, owned website Hao123 Baidu announced that in order to meet the growing enthusiasm and demand for the majority of Internet users to buy, both group-buying sites Guide and buying goods directly Hao123 formally launched the buy page to purchase channel function. Hao123 stressed that through the Group buy page, Internet users not only can query on each coupon sites, and through group buying at the best price for quality goods, resulting in a most convenient network group, and e-commerce experience.
Extended Hao123 's minimalist style, new online group-buying page to set the same simple and clear. For Internet users to find both buy buy buy goods and services demand, Hao123, divide the Group buy page for today's deal and coupon sites two large sections. Coupon sites section to achieve a domestic cover the vast majority of the mainstream group, netizens will not only take the shortest possible time and the most convenient way to find the destination Web site, while avoiding the possible online shopping scams. Meanwhile, in today's online forum, Hao123 also integrates a number of Internet shopping service provider resource for Web users to create a group involved in buying the through train. Through that channel, Internet users no longer need to go to compare each group-buying Web site search, you can directly buy unsatisfactory goods.
Buy recommended sites
Well-known new networks in China, glutinous rice network, lashou, American networks. He features regularly conduct some group will contact the merchant for a below-market price of many consumers buying network, founded in July 2010, Shanghai, China, is one of the largest consumer shopping site. Web site designed to make it easy for consumers, secure, convenient, help them buy cheaper and more appropriate to their products. Suitable for group-buying crowd ~
New network: new group-buying website in Shanghai,--sustainable innovation. --Service users.
Network of glutinous rice: Oak Group launches rice network officially entered the competition among coupon sites. Rice networks operated by oak, Shen Boyang, Deputy in charge, will be based in Beijing, before reaching out to other cities. And this is oak social e-commerce (channels) try again.
Handle: purpose-modernization of the company leaders.
America: us-recommend a quality local living services help you every day; the United States recommended a certain value-US mission and are committed to helping you find the best, the freshest way

Hao123 the success of

, Hao123, why would a great success
(1) hao123 fix
Hao123 is success, is because positioning good, he representative has most general netizens of fundamental interests, hao123 of development stage, most General of netizens Basic are is rookie, is Internet remember can't Web site, not lost Web site or too lazy to lost Web site of that batch people, netizens also also is to can't you of website, because netizens fundamental on not know in where entered Web site, you told he is in address bar entered, he on will asked: what is address bar? Where is it? Hao123 appeared, adapt to the rapid popularity trends, adapt to the realities of the Internet users are not familiar with network applications, provides great convenience for Internet users Internet access, is to represent the fundamental interests of Internet users.
(2) hao123 the success also hao123 page designs
Speaking of hao123 page designs, many webmasters have to sneer, I mean, good page design, and eventually through the practice test to be recognized by the Internet, so Web design started, it should be from the user's point of view, otherwise it is a good design is just a flower, Moon in the water in the mirror. Hao123 design where is it exactly? Not 1, not fancy fancy 2, 3, or don't fancy on hao123 page is not particularly bright colors, no special motion picture, not **y, seductive advertising, hao123 feels very peaceful, green and other with color coordinated, hao123, does not produce visual fatigue, in other words, his eyes never get tired. Why many units, and family computer put hao123 has been put hao123 as home page, because 1 speed fast (following will mentioned) 2 no **y of advertising pictures, this is most meet Chinese of features has, Chinese on **ual is implicit of, so, if you of computer Home a open on will appeared those **y of pictures, in units estimated you will sleep of comparison embarrassed, in family you fear to children to bad of effect, you certainly will replaced home page. Hao123 home page, whether men, women and children, families, everyone could accept. Therefore, Netcom, Telecom broadband installation, computer company installed more computers hao123 set to user Home.
(3) explain hao123 technology
Here, webmasters will surprise, I would like to say is, technology okay, not that technology is advanced, not that the complexity of the technology, but in the application of this technology. Hao123 home page opens quickly, was not as what we think is good because the servers and bandwidth, but fundamentally hao123 are not connected. When a user opens when hao123, hao123 there is no connection to the server, open the page on your computer, when the user clicks on a different connection when left hao123, so, while hundreds of millions of users with hao123 home page, however, hao123 server, there is no burden at all!
Second, hao123, why sell tens of millions of
Hao123 to say why you want to sell, then why buy Baidu.
Hao123, why sell? Hao123 social environment is changing, the trend is the primary Internet users less, increasingly skilled Internet users, Internet speed was very fast in the city, peak has passed now, hao123 era of rapid growth, is the rapid spread of the Internet era, hao123 the success of products of the era, is the historical trend will push it up at the front desk. When Internet users are familiar with the Internet, he most widely used service is the search engine. Hao123 webmasters see this, hao123 he clearly will decline in the future, so this should be an important reason he sold hao123. Hao123 remains a fast-growing trend, estimated Li xingping is not for sale. Second, why buy hao123 Baidu, Baidu no fool, hao123 Baidu did not clearly in decline, Baidu also know, Baidu, but why you want to buy it, since buy hao123 Baidu did not fancy hao123 development prospects, it's not like he is a cash cow to buy Baidu acquisition of hao123 Baidu because the ambition and fear, is designed to resist foreign aggression and pacify the Interior! Background of this would also like to talk about age, when Baidu are rushing to market, acquisition of hao123 to improve chances of listing, increase the listed capital, hao123 Baidu traffic large user, to make foreigners more firmly believe that prospects of Baidu, Baidu's shares can be issued and successfully get a better price.
Another point is Baidu out of strategic considerations.
Baidu to hang on land. Any one of the search engines, in this market are difficult to beat on Baidu in China, Chinese Internet, hao123 is the real one, hao123, who succeeds, who will be able to succeed, Baidu's success, hao123 helped us a lot, it still has the majority of Internet users use when searching hao123 Baidu search box embedded in the page. China other of search engine, not all day only will lane some network pig, search dog, or something, had, you as long as hostage hao123 this very easy on can hostage of Emperor, you on to in network rivers in call princes, wanted to had, if hao123 embedded of is in the found of search box, again plus in the found of some efforts, search engine market will not today of situation, but now, hao123 this incompetence of Emperor has is Baidu hostage, Baidu is not letting hao123 one bit long, Baidu aims instead, now you probably understand why Baidu hao123 mega takeover, now don't hao123 pour power of reason. Because the acquisition hao123 Baidu does not want to further improve hao123, but fear of the weak Emperor to fall into the wrong hands, and posed a threat to their achievement strategies of network achievements.
Third, hao123 myths can reproduce
Myth not repeat, but miracle certainly also will appeared, similar Yu hao123 of Web site station future also will has very large of development space, but cannot simple copyhao123, to seriously analysis at this stage netizens needs and netizens needs of changes trend, plus unique of creative, and sharp of features, must will reproduce a similar Yu hao123 of miracle, because netizens on Web site station and search engine of loyalty degrees and stick with degrees are is low, so everyone also have opportunities.
Final passage, as the conclusion of this article: hao123, why does it work, and most important of all, that is, 60% of China's Internet users not to modify your home page has 30% Internet users too lazy to change their home page, and another 5% of Internet users don't have time to change their home page, if you haven't been inspired, I said White.

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Hao123--professional and authoritative Internet navigation of the Web site. Timely recording including music, video games, novels, popular category of outstanding sites, full integration with search,

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