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Summary:Shaanxi Provincial welfare Lottery Center was established in 1987, initially known as the Lottery Commission Office in Shaanxi Province, 1999 approved by the editorial board officially changed its name to Shaanxi Provincial welfare Lottery Center, is a subsidiary of the provincial Civil Affairs Department received fr..
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Shaanxi Provincial welfare Lottery Center was established in 1987, initially known as the Lottery Commission Office in Shaanxi Province, 1999 approved by the editorial board officially changed its name to Shaanxi Provincial welfare Lottery Center, is a subsidiary of the provincial Civil Affairs Department received from the business management Department of public institutions. There are currently 42 staff, Director of the Center for 1 person, 3 person, Deputy Director, 90% of the workers with a university degree, graduate students, 3, graduate student reading 2, Chinese Communist Party 20.
  Center features seven departments: one market, Marketing Department, propaganda Department, technical department, training Department, Ministry of finance, General Department. Welfare lottery in Shaanxi Province implementing "three-level management" fucai, welfare Lottery distribution and Management Center is responsible for the province, 10 districts across the province, welfare Lottery and the Yangling demonstration zone management agency entrusted by the provincial centre responsible for the area of welfare Lottery sales, management, personnel in the management station managed by the local Civil Affairs Bureau. Each municipality according to the situation on the ground, the implementation of Central direct management, or relying on the County (district) civil administration, set the County (district) management stations to manage models.
  At present, the municipal welfare Lottery staff members a total of more than 120 people across the province.
  In January 1988, China social welfare lottery tickets issued in Baoji, tongchuan pilot, has suffered a temporary stall set up a sales stage, sales stage of the awards group scene in November 2000, a computer network fixed computer Lottery sales site development stages. At present, the welfare lottery in Shaanxi Province has two categories: computers and instant. Computer Lottery has shuangse Qiu, and seven Le color, and 3D and fast lottery game "happy is" four a varieties, laid betting station more than 4,000 multiple, cover has province all city, and County and part Township, except "happy is" is Shaanxi Province owned game varieties outside, computer Lottery shuangse Qiu, and seven Le color, and 3D three species play are for national joint sales, in Beijing unified lottery; that open type Lottery has points that invoicing and in the Fu online two a varieties,
  Includes 22 charms online sales and more than more than 100 outlets in the lobby that is invoiced hub, and more than 5,000 sales outlets. Since November 8, 2000 computer Lottery listed yilai, Shaanxi Province fucai Center built has full hotline sales system, achieved has sales data real-time transmission; construction completed has double room hot backup sales system, ensure sales system data security; also through has ISO9001—2000 quality system certification, make management work more specification; carried out has "go near shuangse Qiu", and outdoor shake award, activities, make Lottery process public transparent; for has "Credit betting" award, set up in Shaanxi fucai good brand image.
  Shaanxi Provincial Department of Civil Affairs also openly hiring fucai social supervisors, to fucai releases comprehensive supervision on the use of process and the community chest. Years, in provincial, and provincial government and the levels Government of care, and support Xia, in in the fucai Center and province Home Office of correctly led Xia, in levels home sector and financial sector of support, and tie Xia, province fucai institutions and practitioners adhering to "help old, and assistive, and saved lone, and Chai trapped" of release purposes, insisted "security run, and health development" of work approach, full practice line "to people for this, and for people relief, and for people service
  "The core concepts and" taken from the people for the people, win the "social commitment, promote" civic, charitable, good health, and innovation "fucai culture through reform and innovation, promote market mechanisms, institutional, infrastructure, personnel and construction on the marketing system to achieve a healthy development of welfare lottery in Shaanxi Province.
  Since 1988 has, 23 years to Trojan sales welfare Lottery 17 billion yuan, raised chest 5.4 billion yuan, funded social welfare and social public project more than 3,000 multiple, has benefit more than 3.4 million social difficulties groups, created employment post more than 10,000 multiple, generation buckle generation paid personal accidentally income tax more than 300 million more Yuan, created has brilliant of performance, strong to promotion has Shaanxi Province social welfare and social public career of development, for building harmony social made has active contribution. In particular, in 2011 has sold welfare Lottery 4.013 billion yuan net increase of 1.44 billion yuan was fucai increments over the years one of the biggest years in Shaanxi Province, an increase of 56.01%, fucai system growth rates in the country top 5, and sales ranked 12th. Raising the chest of 1.221 billion yuan, provincial level and below retained the chest reached 611 million dollars.
  To this end, the China welfare Lottery distribution and Management Center to the provincial Department of Civil Affairs sent a congratulatory message, congratulations. Fucai distribution work in Shaanxi Province is the departments and the Community approval, granted fucai Center in 2008 by the Ministry of national "earthquake relief advanced collective" title, 2009 Xian municipal local tax Bureau awarded "taxpayers several hundred prominent contribution" title, in 2010 by the provincial Department of civil affairs as the provincial home morals construction and demonstration of the system unit, is awarded by Ministry of home systems in early 2011 morals construction and demonstration units. Honored by shengzhijiguan Working Committee of Shaanxi Provincial civilized unit.
  Five consecutive years won the provincial Civil Affairs Department annual evaluation excellent units for three consecutive years by the provincial Department of civil affairs authorities as advanced party branch of the Party Committee. The continuous development of provincial welfare lottery, Shaanxi Province on social welfare and charity to raise large amounts of public funds, support from the welfare lottery, the province's social welfare has changed dramatically. Fucai chest has funded a large number of social welfare institutions, rural old people's home, child welfare, social services, community services, funeral services for persons with disabilities, street children protection and rescue management and other social welfare projects. In accordance with the unified arrangement by the Ministry, civil affairs departments at all levels in our province, in strong support of the Government at all levels, implementation of community welfare services for the elderly "Starlight program", orphaned child after surgery "tomorrow plan", child welfare agencies in infrastructure "blue sky plan", five guarantees dependent service facilities "rays plan" specific public service activities, such as, Make the lives of tens of thousands of disadvantaged groups, effective security and general improvement of the level of medical care, rehabilitation, features and functions of various welfare agencies across the province have been thoroughly improved, which covered the province's urban and rural areas, a wide range of social welfare service network.
  In addition, fucai use has been expanding from the chest, has been extended to social security funds, rural and urban poor areas of infrastructure, legal aid, youth activities. The "Eleven-Five" period, the province's total, Provincial fucai chest 678 million Yuan, which ministerial 165 million Yuan, province this level 513 million Yuan, funded I province urban and rural various welfare institutions construction project 764 a, which, 210 million Yuan funded has 98 a social public career and public activities; 104 million Yuan funded 22 a provincial welfare institutions construction project; 113 million Yuan funded 83 a city level welfare institutions construction project; 45.54 million Yuan funded 60 a County welfare institutions construction project; 76.83 million Yuan for 172 a rural homes for construction project; 38.25 million Yuan for 267 a Community construction project; also, also funded funeral career , Salvage management centres and social services projects 29 million dollars.
  The "Eleven-Five" period, 1460 children across the province got the "tomorrow plan" operation, 780 poor disabled people get the free installation of the prosthesis, 100,000 destitute families received double fucai condolences from the chest. Especially near two years to, as fucai circulation of constantly growth, fucai chest of raised efforts and using efforts also constantly increased, 2009 and 2010, total using Department, and provincial fucai chest 290 million Yuan, funded I province various welfare institutions and public career project 403 a, which, 73 million Yuan funded province relief rescue welfare center, and province wing complex soldiers rehabilitation hospital and Wenchuan earthquake disaster Hou reconstruction project province wing complex soldiers first hospital, and province self secondary, provincial welfare institutions construction ; 27.5 million Yuan for Jiangsu Province 29 rural homes for the construction and equipment acquisition projects and 20 million Yuan for the rural medical assistance benefits; 20 million Yuan to the province's special care and Medicaid; 252 30 million Yuan to the province's urban community construction projects 4 million Yuan for "Vanguard Community Library" book purchase; 6 million Yuan for the poverty of persons with disabilities in our province free of prosthetics ; Funded province 10 a city of social welfare home and 15 a county of welfare center new and Foundation facilities update reconstruction project 29.9 million Yuan; funded 5 a City County funeral home new reconstruction project 12.6 million Yuan; funded 20 a City County rescue management station 2 million Yuan for stray begging personnel life grants; funded children welfare institutions Foundation facilities construction "blue sky plans" 20 million Yuan, and orphans children surgery rehabilitation "tomorrow plans" Reborn 5.99 million Yuan and 5 million Yuan, orphan vocational skills training projects grants capital of 1.8 million dollars. In addition, the financing of welfare institutions across the province's information construction of 5 million Yuan, "ten good child" award and the "respect for the month" activities of 1.15 million Yuan.
  Many of the funded projects have been incorporated into the eight works in the Shaanxi Province of the people's livelihood, for safeguarding and improving people's livelihood, enhance the province's people's sense of well-being and sense of security, construction of constructing harmonious Shaanxi, Western Province has played a positive role. In addition, Shaanxi fucai Center launched the "Shaanxi fucai • walk with love" series of public-spirited activities, only the "Eleven-Five" on the provincial level during fucai chest more than 20 million Yuan, fucai chest student activities were funded over more than 6,000 domestic poverty freshmen students with disabilities. Undertaken jointly with the provincial women's Federation "fucai Carnation care for poor mothers" campaign, financed 100 who have made outstanding contributions in all walks of life now difficult mother. Fengxian old Chen family village donated 650,000 yuan for local drinking water projects, road bridge, plant breeding and help needy people shake off poverty. Unattached condolences before services on Chung Yeung Festival. Visit condolence difficult life companies before the Spring Festival of the elderly, betting the owners and sales people. "Children's Day" Eve condolences orphanage children and rural primary schools in poor areas.

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Shaanxi fucai network:Shaanxi Provincial welfare Lottery Center was established in 1987, initially known as the Lottery Commission Office in Shaanxi Province, 1999 approved by the editorial board officially changed its name to Shaanxi Provincial welfare Lottery Center, is a subsidiary of the provincial Civil Affairs Department received fr..

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