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Shenzhen Nanshan experimental school

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Summary:Shenzhen Nanshan experimental school, formerly known as South primary school, founded in 1932, have spent 70 years of history. In its not ordinary of venture and development course in the, experience and achieved has repeatedly success of across: 1994, became has Guangdong Province first batch province level school..
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Shenzhen Nanshan experimental school, formerly known as South primary school, founded in 1932, have spent 70 years of history. In its not ordinary of venture and development course in the, experience and achieved has repeatedly success of across: 1994, became has Guangdong Province first batch "province level school", 1998 is Ministry of education established for first national school modern education technology experiment school, 2001 changed its name Nanshan experiment school, became a by consists of Nantou primary school Department, and Kirin primary school Department, and Kirin Middle School Department and Ding too small faculty four a Division, 120 a class of nine years consistency school. School teaching facilities equipments are perfect, built over the classroom; music rooms, a Dance Studio, Art Studio, natural collaboration rooms, computer rooms, teachers prepare lessons, an indoor sports complex. Campus greening, landscaping, cleaning, clean and elegant.

2002 were identified by the Ministry of education as the national educational science "ten five" planned education "as the important project design and evaluation of network education" pilot schools ". Since the 90 's, our school to Deng Xiaoping's "three-oriented" spirit as the guiding ideology, actively engaged in educational reform. Formed in the continuing search for "interest. Qualities. Education "model, establishes a quality education" for all, a comprehensive capacity-building development, prominent personalities, "and" person a Chinese SAR of modern Chinese "culture overall objectives. Advanced education, leading educational philosophy, as well as the scientific, standardized management and operations, forming a distinctive school-running characteristics.

School teachers, education information, curriculum reform, sports and arts special education have scored remarkable achievements, achieved important breakthroughs in education theory and practice. Features: features nationally known, modern education technology. August 2001, national modern education technology test school led group on Ministry of education confirmed of "first national modern education technology experiment school" for has assessment check, on I school active using modern education thought and theory, in school information environment of construction, and software resources of construction, and teachers team of construction, and modern education technology of experiment research and teaching application aspects made has highlight results, became advance school education teaching reform and full implementation quality education of window and model school be recognition. Campus information network system to provide students with information, process information, consolidate information, creating information platform provides student interactive learning, inquiry learning, individual learning and collaborative learning environment.

In addition, links have also been achieved through the INTERNET and national model school, shared educational resources. Second, implement multiple levels of technology training of modern education. As a national experimental school of modern education technology, Nanshan experimental school information technology education as a required course for teacher training, put forward higher requirements. At present, the school teacher will uses computer 100%, will use the Internet, 80% teacher will uses software tools to develop courseware. Multi-level training, forming a cadre of modern education technology.

Over more than 30 teachers making CAI courseware in the country obtained one, second in the competition, over more than 40 teachers at the provincial, city, and second prize in the competition, including courseware was made into teaching CD in national release. Third, with information technology as the core of research and experimentation. To expedite education informatization projects with research by virtue of building, Nanshan experimental school, this is an important step of the modernization of education. "Modern education technology and curriculum integration" experimental subject and many other national, provincial, rooted in the school's "eight year old children's literacy under information environment experiment" has yielded experimental results. From 2000 to 2004, the teachers get to teach nearly 600 scientific research, which more than State-level incentives of up to 267 times.

2004 Song Pengjun teacher at the United Nations, UNESCO, the Singapore Ministry of education and the company sponsored the first "Asia Pacific innovative teachers Conference" won the "Asia-Pacific creative teacher" award, was featured in 2005 in United States Seattle's "worldwide innovative teachers Conference" experimental projects, received the best practice award. Four, artistic flower of renowned Chinese and foreign aesthetic education as "the five", focusing on the cultivation of students ' aesthetic, refined aesthetic taste and aesthetic capacities. Aesthetic education cultivate the students ' temperament and sound student's personality, mobilization of non-intellectual factors, developing intelligence, coordinating physical, mental function and promote students ' all-round development. 1995 began, I school carried out has to aesthetic for breakthrough of primary school education overall reform experiment under, put aesthetic penetration to de, and intellectual, and body, and beauty, and Dr among, penetration to school of overall work among, we do: "school has anthem, and class class has song, and students has specialist", students do: "burden light, and quality high, and erotic beauty, and specialist good".

We guide the students to discover and appreciate beauty and create beauty: requires attention to explore the beauty of teaching materials, teachers and students in the whole school and illustration beautiful language, attention, beauty, emotional beautiful instruments together to create a campus environment of beauty and beauty of life, and guide students ' interest in learning, emotional migrations to this gradually formed motivation. In recent years, the school of fine art, calligraphy and the art of music and dance programs in the district and municipal prizes in the activity. 2002 2 students such as Liu Mingjian "seventh all-solid school painting calligraphy" competition, first prize, Deng Shanyun 3 students received second prize Wang Ziding 4 l students received third prize of students ' work has been out of the country, to the world. 2003 first prize of Guangdong, Hong Kong and Macao children's painting competition, 1 second 3, the third prize of 5. Was held in May 2004 with the child · sight of students ' exhibition, exhibition prints 60 works. The August 2004 National Prize of children's drawing competition 1, award 5, third prize of 25. In July 2006, Shenzhen youth calligraphy contest contest contest in Shenzhen and Guangdong youth calligraphy successfully completed I school students welcome!

Students in our school is located in the Group b game, He Jieqi, Cai Linxuan get the first prize, second prize for the record, Pang Guanglong earn the level three commendation, young calligraphy contest, they will represent Shenzhen in Guangdong Province. June 30, 2000, with students as the main body of China Shenzhen children's art troupe, love the National Ministry of culture appointed, successively participated in Ukraine organized by the "kelimiyamingzhu" Festival and Poland the 23rd "Bydgoszcz Music Festival". This was for many years, our troupe 4th trip performance, is the second in Togo, Benin, France, and Romania, and Jordan after the successful visit, once again on behalf of the Chinese children to Europe for cultural exchanges, fruitful quality education in our school over the years in one of the shows. In 2002, Italy "coalition Government of Florence" and Austria "Austria · Association of China" invited, with the approval of the Ministry of culture, by Shenzhen Nanshan experimental school for body composition "Shenzhen, China children's art troupe" in Italy Florence, 7 and Austria Vienna, music capital of the world for a friendly visit and successful performance.

China Poland Embassy Ambassador Sun praising Shenzhen children's art troupe to do meaningful work. In July 2006 by Ukraine Ministry of Arts Division, the Ukraine State Secretary for the Ministry of Foreign Affairs and "says Horowitz of the international organizing Committee of the Festival of Europe" joint invitation just set up six months of school Chamber Orchestra representatives took part in Ukraine's capital of Kiev, one of the world's top ten international music festival to be held "says Horowitz international music festivals in Europe".

At this music festival Chamber music competition, Orchestra of the children as a group of Chinese ethnic musical pieces conquered dozens of expert judges from around the world, was awarded the Gold Prize in the Junior Group (only two, and Germany team side-by-side), which is also participating in the Festival's best-ever achievement. Five, the traditional sports achievements of the school attaches great importance to sport, six-five are graduates of physical education teachers, who graduated. Schools have a 300 m runway of the stadium, an indoor gym and table tennis hall, is also ready to build a standard swimming pool. Grade one to grade three weekly form in the opening section, not only exercise and training a student body and beautiful temperament. Conventional courses in physical education is not only a good and strong extracurricular activities, formation of track and field, basketball, football, table tennis, rhythmic gymnastics, artistic gymnastics and other interest groups. Especially table tennis team's accomplishments are remarkable. In 2000, 11th National seeding Cup table tennis tournament, held in Dandong, winning 4 gold medals in my school, men s groups a, b and c groups, men's Singles Champion. Tang Yuan in our school the students Asian table tennis tournament, the second, called into the national team training camp for young people. Our school has recognition by the State Education Commission, the National Sports Commission, and won the "national advanced school of traditional sports by 100" title of honour.

Many parents fear away, table tennis team to send their children to the school, not to win the trophy, but to let the child go through the hoops in the training, reinforced the will and physical strength in the competition. Six, and technology innovation vitality full today, in "teachers and students common development and growth" of concept Xia, Nanshan experimental of teachers and students were enjoy to challenge self, and show self, teaching reform, and education innovation activities rendered school vitality full: in successive of Guangdong Province youth technology innovation contest Shang, school get impressive results; I school OQ, and Liu Shiyi, and Wu Jia ming students in three session national of "race Dang small experimental home" competition in the was national children's work Committee, and China Junior Academy of Sciences awarded the "Chinese Youth Academy of Sciences academician small" honor, Li Ziyi students won the "young fellow nominee".

Zhang Zuzhi teacher junior Academy of science, China was awarded "outstanding science and technology counsellors", while school was awarded by national shaogongwei become a small experimental scientific activities "model school". Seven, exploration of the internationalization of education school efforts to establish a foothold of the SAR, with an international perspective, good use of resource of international education, learn from the excellent research faculty of education. In 2002 the school has sent dozens of young teachers for teachers of foreign languages, non-English majors in four batches to the United Kingdom, and Australia, and Canada for short-term training. Other non-English major teachers to Europe, the United States, and New Zealand, and Australia visits. School requirements out of further education of teachers not only to take this opportunity to raise the level of foreign language, also called for a comparison of Eastern and Western culture, education of teachers, learn Western curriculum, the curriculum of the school, observe classroom teaching, teacher-student relations in the West, Western teaching course materials, curriculum implementation. Especially in Western Humanities and humanistic care in school teaching, and educational process and content. Training and study tours to impress teachers, broaden horizons and enriching experience.

Many teachers after returning home, to reflect on their teaching practice and improve, receive had the desired effect. Schools have also engaged United States, and New Zealand foreign teacher to a teacher at the school, received United Kingdom President of Buckinghamshire tours and United States national visits and exchanges of the education sector. Through a variety of opportunities to go out and come in increasing teachers ' exposure to international education and cultural opportunities. For many years, in support of the Education Bureau of Shenzhen City schools to employ foreign teachers, teaching methods in classroom teaching abroad.

We also support the students participating in the International Exchange Centre for foreign teachers of English training courses, let the child feel the culture of other countries in the foreign exchange, communication, learning "authentic" language. Body of the students is the internationalization of education, schools for a variety of conditions and opportunities for students, provide students with more opportunities for exposure to international cultures.

School children's art troupe to visit abroad, cultural exchanges and participation in international competitions, student art troupe's performance was welcomed by the people of the country and praise, promoting cultural exchanges between the countries, nurtured from childhood into contact with the children of various nationalities, to a certain extent, facilitated the formation of broad international vision. We're also working in Guangzhou United Kingdom representative office, with the assistance of 2004 summer vacation received United Kingdom children according to international summer camp to promote exchanges and understanding of the Chinese and foreign children.

Our "8 year old can read and write" experimental study in 2002, the global Chinese Conference on computers in education, are Chinese the attention of scholars from around the world, Taiwan Province of China, the Hong Kong Institute of education, a professor at National Central University Professor during the session dedicated to understanding the experiment, and expressed desire for further communication. Address: Nanshan District, Shenzhen nanguang road 143th, email: [email protected]0430.com recommend

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