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Summary:Shenzhen kanghui travel service company, founded in 1984, is the country's major travel group, one of the registered capital of over 100 million Yuan. China comfort is the major international travel agencies in China, national franchise Chinese citizens outbound tour business scope includes inbound tourism, outbou..
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Shenzhen kanghui travel service company, founded in 1984, is the country's major travel group, one of the registered capital of over 100 million Yuan.

"China comfort" is the major international travel agencies in China, national franchise Chinese citizens outbound tour business scope includes inbound tourism, outbound tourism and domestic tourism. Shenzhen kanghui travel agency to "Networking", "scale", "brand" for the development of goals, is dedicated to "domestic network, overseas chain" of the building. Management mode of improving national networks and vertical form comfort group in national travel service industry unique advantages all over the country and overseas networks and more than 2,300 employees excellent employee in good faith for tourists from home and abroad to provide a full range of quality services. From Harbin in the North, South to Shenzhen, Hainan, Shanghai East, westward to Gansu, Xinjiang, "China comfort" in the management of cities in China with more than more than 70 vertical branch (branch), which in 1999 and 2000 has 8 branches in China international travel agency hundred strong.

In 2001 and 2002, "China comfort" Director "international travel agency hundred strong enterprises in China" performance ranking has three a, businesses will continue to grow! "Quality service, highly qualified staff, a high level of tourism" is "comfort" business purposes, "allow collaborators to be assured, allow tourists satisfaction" is "comfort" business philosophy.

"China comfort" will be led by the China National Tourism Administration and the Beijing Tourism Group, with the support of colleagues and the wider tourism consumers, inspirational figure to the new, booming. Comfort travel Shenzhen, tourism inbound tourism business is limited, base, and "China comfort" inbound tourism market on the world's five continents, and the rapid growth rate of 20% more than a year.

"Service space line unique" is "comfort" renowned overseas brand image; travel thousands of miles, "the roof of the world car challenge" success stories, such as heritage, an emerging "China comfort" excellent quality characteristics. Civic tourism "comfort tourism" —— Chinese citizens travel Headquarters under China comfort travel service limited liability company, is "China comfort" this important component of a large travel agency group. "Comfort tourism" franchise China citizens exit tourism business, relying on "China comfort" group of powerful strength and brand and national more than 70 more than points social of network advantage and the vertical management system of construction, perennial promotion China citizens to Southeast Asia, and Hong Kong and Macao, and Japan, and Korea, and Australia, and New Zealand, and Germany, and South Africa, and Egypt, and Turkey, open national and area Tourism, line rich, and all with features, and provides to European, and United States, and Canada , The Middle East, the Mediterranean, Russia, hosting and consulting services for business activities, and for many years to provide enterprise customers with services such as Conference and incentive travel. "Comfort tourism" outbound tourism market in Beijing and the country already have a large market share, has a high visibility in the industry.

At the same time, "comfort tourism" also forge ahead, expanding domestic tourism, as a Chinese national tourism industry a vibrant workforce. "Comfort tourism" Chinese national tourism headquarters consists of "Asia" and "Europe and Australian non-central", "China Center", "Centre", "Marketing Center" ——-five central authorities,

Is civic tourism market in China to build a collection of wholesale and retail of integrated marketing system. Wholesale scale of operation of the system as a whole, business is "comfort tourism" headquarters of Chinese citizens to travel from the fierce market competition winning ways. In the past few years, the "comfort tourism" full use "China comfort" national network layout and vertical management system, actively constructing distribution channel, gradually established in Beijing, Shanghai, Guangzhou, Shenzhen and other major departure port and tourist center of the wholesale market system.

At present, the "comfort tourism" domestic wholesale market system in an increasingly improved expansion and overall promotion of the comprehensive strength has been "bright holiday" this well-known brand is becoming the industry leader in the travel industry.

"Comfort tourism" —— tourist first wholesalers in China's goal is tireless pursuit of comfort. The chain management "comfort tourism" constantly improve the wholesale business system at the same time, positive development "chain store" —— direct marketing service system construction. "Comfort tourism" chain Sales Department across the city at places in the Beijing area, chain store has reached the number 12 in the future will continue to develop, and gradually promote throughout the country. "Comfort tourism" for chain operation system consistent, unified price, unified image, unify products services, and take advantage of 800 telephone call center, and online services, providing tourists with stereo and multi-channel customer service.

A network is the national direct marketing service system construction of "comfort tourism" close to the market, close to the customer, establishing "customer-oriented" marketing mode of manifestation, is "China comfort" a strategy of long-term development objectives. "At home on their own, and went out looking for comfort" slogan implication is "comfort tourism" to provide our consumers with personalized attention, brand appeal of the full range of tourist services, but also "comfort tourism" —— "customer-oriented" tenet of deep expression.

"Comfort tourism" chain operating system promotes "lifelong customers, friends for life" service concept, strive to mutual trust and long-term service to establish service brand, win customers and ultimately win in the fierce market competition.

Carrying on the "comfort tourism" since founded beginning, will constantly in carefully promotion General abroad tourism and the domestic tourism line products of while, is committed to reform, and constantly innovation; series of theme tourism and the features tourism of have introduced, for "comfort tourism" of brand development established has good of reputation: 1996 Spring Festival, "comfort tourism" in national lead launched China citizens to Southeast Asia tourism of first frame Charter flights; The 1999 national day, "comfort tourism" launched Tourism Charter flight in Beijing first to Korea, and successfully organized in Netherlands 45th world table tennis championships to observe activities in early 2000, "comfort tourism" successfully completed Germany Bremen Music Festival, all England badminton open, and Switzerland, and France, and Sweden badminton series watch cheering activities 2001 "comfort tourism"

Successfully planned and organized the Beijing to Phuket's first line Air Charter travel activities, and successful organization of the Salzburg Music Festival and Thailand "thousand minds feast" —— mooncake tour activities in 2002, "comfort tourism" Charter group went to Korea to observe the World Cup, the same year also organized a delegation to Hong Kong to attend 1500 people fans "Chinese song charts" awards; In 2003, the "comfort tourism" national networks successfully organized the reception held in Beijing "read" event for the "SARS" travel agent after business start up and recovery has injected new life into ………… more than the success of large-scale tourism activities organized in China's outbound tourism market has had a great impact, Outbound tourism market development for our citizens and business forms of exploration, keep the lead.

As the outbound destination country continues to open and tourism consumer market matures, "comfort tourism" and constantly develop personalized, family of "lifestyle" travel, "leisure tour" and "free exercise" and "self-drive escape" and other leisure travel products continue to enrich, customer service even better. "Currently," China comfort "is to network, and scale, and brand of development target towards, comfort China citizens tourism Headquarters also will as" comfort tourism "this a brand of growth and development grow, through established high quality of personalized products system, and network of subdivision market marketing system, and professional of customer service guarantees system, for social all provides more enthusiasm, and thoughtful, and security, and convenient, and efficient, and professional of service,

And committed to "comfort tourism" become large citizens travel tour group corporate brand. Contact address: 11/f, No. 2023 East shennan road, Luohu district, Shenzhen City, Guang-Shen services telephone: 0755-82185656 email: [email protected]0430.com recommend

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China comfort travel Web site:Shenzhen kanghui travel service company, founded in 1984, is the country's major travel group, one of the registered capital of over 100 million Yuan. China comfort is the major international travel agencies in China, national franchise Chinese citizens outbound tour business scope includes inbound tourism, outbou..

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