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Summary:Zhougsou Search is the third generation of Zhougsou Search engine service and domestic leading technology provider.
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Zhougsou Search is the third generation of Zhougsou Search engine service and domestic leading technology provider. Relying on the third generation of Zhougsou Search engine and personalized micro technology, realize the fusion of human knowledge and Zhougsou Search technology, through two WEB sites, mobile APP, carrier and so on cloud services platform for Internet users and enterprises to provide new experience of the third generation of Zhougsou Search engine.

The three major operating platform

Zhougsou Search to the third generation of Zhougsou Search engine technology as the core, relying on its independent development of cloud services platform, provide the generic Zhougsou Search service for personal and corporate customers, industry Zhougsou Search service, they are respectively: (http://www.zhongsou.com) and industry China two website (http://www.zhongsou.net), Zhougsou Search for the mobile site.

Sounet is found in the third generation of Zhougsou Search engine technology as the core self-developed Zhougsou Search service platform, is also the first domestic USES open background operation mode of Zhougsou Search engines. In line with the concept of "to make the Internet more simple", Zhougsou Search the third generation of Zhougsou Search engine platform by Zhougsou Searching the perfect combination of technology and artificial intelligence, provide users with a more open, multi-dimensional Zhougsou Search results, provide a more comprehensive, accurate, intelligent, interactive, beautiful Zhougsou Search service.

Zhougsou Search industry in China (www.zhongsou.net), which is an open platform for the cooperative joint venture, a new generation of merchant community, is found to Zhougsou Search engine technology and e-commerce product of perfect combination, and Zhougsou Search technology and Zhougsou Search based on industry cooperation business philosophy, with partners together build area of specialization, and personalized information Zhougsou Search platform.

Zhougsou Search Zhougsou Search yue, is based on the concept of the third generation of Zhougsou Search in the field to the mobile platform of mobile Zhougsou Search, Zhougsou Search Zhougsou Search yue will Zhougsou Search and read, Zhougsou Search and personalization service perfect combination, for the user to create a new mobile Zhougsou Search experience.

Two key technologies

The third generation of Zhougsou Search engine technology, is a Zhougsou Search, starting in 2002 so far has been continuously reZhougsou Search and development of a new generation of Zhougsou Search technology, to meet the requirements of people to comprehensive and accurate retrieval and constantly explore, through an open Zhougsou Search background human knowledge into the Zhougsou Search results, making all Internet users have the opportunity to participate in the building of the Zhougsou Search results. Based on open cooperation with various knowledge concept, in-depth data mining in the field of industry, for the user to present a multidimensional, professional, open, to show by way of portal Zhougsou Search results. Defined for the first time at the same time, the third generation of Zhougsou Search engine Zhougsou Search results standard, namely CIVIA standard, comprehensive, accurate and intelligent, interactive, beautiful), lead a new generation of Zhougsou Search.

Personalized micro technology, micro parts (Widget) is the best carrier to meet the demand of the user's personality, it is usually the best provider fro m a particular topic, has the characteristics of comprehensive, timely and interactive. Adopted to Zhougsou Search a technology (Widget) based on the personalized technology, various applications into micro parts, the user by calling the micro way, in the case of even don't understand the technology, also can realize the rapid and build webpage or website, and Zhougsou Search Zhougsou Search platform to realize open let users quickly involved in rendering techniques.

A technology platform

Zhougsou Search through the two core technologies to construct and cloud service platform, Zhougsou Search will cloud services platform used in the electronic commerce in the 3 (superscript rd) generation of Zhougsou Search. Today, more than thousands are enjoying Zhougsou Search cloud services provided to customers in the industry.

Company business philosophy

Concept of strategic decision, Zhougsou Search "crowdsourcing" is put forward and the management idea of "cooperation, promote the degree of ordinary users widely participate in the Internet, improve the ability of enterprises to enter the Internet at the same time.

Cooperative joint venture, industrial division to promote human progress, Zhougsou Search with a unique cooperation business philosophy, a new era of the Internet industry industry division of labor. Cooperation business model refers to, the traditional industry experience, intelligence, resources, and the Zhougsou Search of network technology, resources, experience, channel real fusion, in line with the idea of win-win cooperation, by dividing into the Shared mechanism, and let the customer participate in the building of Zhougsou Search platform, using the open platform and effective integration of industry and social forces, to build a new Zhougsou Search platform.

Contact us

Beijing headquarters

Rp: 010-62266296 fax: 010-82211284

Sales hotline: 400-0870-887

After-sales service hotline: 400-770-6677

Marketing service hotline: 010-62309890

Business cooperation: 010-62266296-8312

Channels of cooperation: 010-62266296-6268

Address: 51 xueyuan road, haidian district of Beijing science and technology building nine layers

Zip code: 100191

Beijing branch

Telephone: 010-52708888 fax: 010-52708869

Address: haidian district of Beijing zhongguancun hailong building, street a 10 layer

Zip code: 100080

Tianjin branch

Telephone: 022-88350835 fax: 022-88350833

Address: hexi district of tianjin youyi road top building A 20 floors

Zip code: 300200

Wuhan branch

Telephone: 027-59416286 fax: 027-59416325

Address: jianghan district in wuhan city, hubei province 16 / f, A2 lake water caltrop wanda square

Zip code: 430000

Guangzhou branch

Telephone: 020-28837188 fax: 020-28837088

Address: guangzhou yuexiu huanshi east road 477 Marine geology building, five, eight layer

Zip code: 510075

Ningbo branch

Telephone: 0574-27900901 fax: 0574-27900990

Address: ningbo city, zhejiang province high-tech zone and garden road 750, ningbo to tailor A six floors

Zip code: 315012

Zhengzhou branch

Telephone: 0371-55671118 fax: 0371-55671116

Address: jinshui district of zhengzhou city of henan province gold waterway 266 China development bank tower 7 layers

Zip code: 450000

Hangzhou branch

Telephone: 0571-56021515 fax: 0571-56021561

Address: 499 lake the moganshan road, hangzhou city, zhejiang province holley jinding garden

Zip code: 310011

Shanghai branch

Telephone: 021-60727272 fax: 021-60736037

Address: Shanghai putuo district tongchuan road 70 new town in the centre of the city square 15 floor

Zip code: 200333

Chongqing branch

Telephone: 023-88317999 fax: 023-88317804

Address: chongqing yuzhong district no. 108 national road and landscape building block B 4 layers

Zip code: 400010

Nanjing branch

Telephone: 025-68191411 fax: 025-68191411

Nanjing zhongshan east road on the 18th international trade center B1B2 15 floor

Zip code: 210005

Shenzhen branch

Telephone: 0755-61638800 fax: 0755-61638890

Address: guangdong province shenzhen futian district red li road Shanghai airlines building, room 303, east on the third floor

Zip code: 518028

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Zhougsou Search is the third generation of Zhougsou Search engine service and domestic leading technology provider.

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