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Mianyang Hong Kong Wei decoration limited Mianyang affordable home improvement preferred/people consumption of up of good home improvement Mianyang Hong Kong Wei decoration: China indoor decoration construction three level qualification Enterprise China indoor decoration design class b qualification Enterprise Mianyang decoration Association member units Mianyang designers Association member units Mianyang designers Association Member 2011 degrees Mianyang top ten decoration company decoration real not affordable see price, and price decided total price we of decoration price General is: 80 sq: 18,000--23,000 around, 120 sq   : About 25,000-32,000, 140 square: 30,000 – about 42,000, and we know that, if you do the same things, the same materials and workmanship, Mianyang, other companies offer at least 10% per cent higher than the US or so. We promise that we have renovated all House, quality first, reputation first, satisfied with the payment! Decoration contracts are made of the construction Committee of Mianyang printed decoration and fitment engineering contracts, 3 year warranty! 6 maintenance! Life after sale! Insist on the operation and management of enterprises in the "reputation first, customer Supreme", "strive for excellence" and the "premium services", "quality, innovation, efficiency, rigorous" is gateway's purpose; "sincere service, customer first" is the gateway of the commitments, enterprises rely on the hard work of design, High quality management team and experienced construction team, to characteristic decorative style in recent years has helped hundreds of customers with quality service. We focus on the context of their own development, with the latest, newest design ideas to meet the needs of different levels of customers. Looking to the future, decorative gateway will, as always, never stop, continuous innovation, "innovation, quality, integrity, and win-win" for the Centre, customer satisfaction, put customers at ease is our ultimate goal. I am adhering to the flexible management mechanism, the exquisite construction technology, design groups without group, excellent team spirit, action and commitment to promote the company's objective to each customer's mind. ※ Enterprise tenet: owner-oriented, quality first, sincere service. ※ Company philosophy: hard work, integrity management, people-oriented, sincere service, allowing employees to synchronize with the enterprise growth. ※ Guidelines: diligent, rigorous, meticulous, pragmatic. ※ The team principles: honesty, solidarity, equality and cooperation. ※ Company slogan: perfect decoration, casting the spring beauty. ※ Enterprise Services: we are trying to do the best, the best price/performance, and let each customer get really affordable, satisfying. ※ Price: mass consumption quality enjoyment, decoration of the ordinary consumer. ※ Core competitive power: establish a good market reputation, grow in size and strength for a long time. ※ We made friends with our clients, actively decorating found the problem, solve the problem. ※ We stand by with the staff, depending on the talent of the greatest wealth is the company's development and faith. ※ Talent concept: "attitude + technology", "+"; "+ concept" ※ service concept: solve the problem, analyze the problem, avoid problems. ※ Company vision: building decoration industry real decoration of miracle. ※ In 2012, we look forward to user reviews. ※ 2012, users are looking to us for better performance. So we will work through our continuous efforts, exploration, innovation and development, gateway has become a professional, high quality and honesty decoration company. Construction workers are employed by skilled mechanics for more than 10 years, and by their own culture, innovation, original set of construction technology, to one step ahead in technology. Even more advantages in the management, ultimately making it the most competitive. Especially since 2010, clearly came up with two "a" one "most" of the development goals. End of 2010 "one-stop" services, squeezed into the end of 2010, "the first phalanx". 2010 become the "most competitive" brand of home improvement companies to fulfill three objectives, the company established communication channels 1, get through big-brand-manufacturer, formation of prices, quality advantages truly achieve the objective of peace and save money. 2, excellent construction personnel, establishment of first series team, innovative construction techniques, adhere to project straight pipes, shrinking company size, reduce operating costs, ensure the constant development of the prices of low-quality high strategy. 3, reinforced with the Guangdong, Chongqing, Chengdu, brother design, strategic alliances, ensure the design leadership. Target, three foot (materials, design and construction), laying the basis. Horn blows, the gateway will spare no effort to struggle on the road ahead, here, we warmly welcome your experience and supervision0430.com recommend
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Mianyang decoration know-it:Mianyang Hong Kong Wei decoration limited Mianyang affordable home improvement preferred/people consumption of up of good home improvement Mianyang Hong Kong Wei decoration: China indoor decoration construction three level qualification Enterprise China indoor decoration design class b qualification Enterprise Mianya..

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