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Star outdoor (www.shopxp.com) are opto-electronics technology limited Guangzhou Shun telescopes far mirrors store. Mainly engaged in wholesale and retail Austria Swarovski, and Germany Steiner, Bosma telescopes, United States doctor can, Japan Nikon, Japan Olympus brand telescopes. Our telescopes are original genuine, Oz month, one year warranty, buy our friends. Guangzhou urban area can be on-site within oneself, group customers have free delivery to your door. Customers can make their own door-to-door delivery in Guangzhou. This unit is a registered company, to issue a formal invoice.

Star outdoor operated 3 years, customers have been widely recognized, we have served customers are: Commission Ministry of water resources in Pearl River, South China Botanical Garden, Chinese Academy of Sciences, Guangzhou, Nansha district, Guangzhou City earthquake Bureau, Guangzhou Guangya middle school, Guangzhou, Guangzhou 47 113 schools middle school and other enterprises. Phone: 020-23369405 (wholesale) address: tianfu road, Tianhe district, Guangzhou City, No. 307 (home made) website: www.shopxp.com Q Q:64657315 star outdoor: wholesale and retail brand building telescopes rapid e-commerce development in China in recent years, as a national wholesale and retail industry leader-star telescope outdoor online store (www.shopxp.com) Is which very success of a, with its unique of operating way, relying on years industry operation experience and the good of reputation, consolidation of production manufacturers partners relationship, powerful of products supply network, using mass procurement and product integration, do unified purchase, and unified enjoy cargo, and unified logistics, and super low wholesale prices; while combined advanced of e-commerce operating mode, guarantees low cost operation, reduced products of wholesale prices, soon on obtained has large of customer resources, this enterprise has near million sq of inventory,

Thousands of quality products, extensive stock inventory, warehouse inventory and synchronize updates Web site, quantity at a glance! Star outdoor (www.shopxp.com) was founded in 09, photoelectron technology backed by relying on Guangzhou Shun, from the initial anonymous, rise up to now.

To better serve our customers, integrating resources, responsiveness, the Division will become the telescope in the retail and wholesale industry leader. Product guarantee: well-known brand manufacturers cooperative star outdoor (www.shopxp.com) since the beginning, with many famous telescope manufacturers at home and abroad to establish a deeper relationship, such as the Japan Nikon, Japan Olympus, United States Dr NIKULA, Guangzhou BOSMA Bosma and other brands.

The original authentic, pre-warm, safe in-sale and after-sale, and eventually to perfect transaction.

Traditional: lower costs to break price ice star outdoor (www.shopxp.com) all brand products with the manufacturer directly contracted agents, skip the layers of agents, greatly reduces the cost of the flow of goods, primary sources, for the majority of consumers inexpensive telescopes telescope enthusiasts and industry products. Innovation: online shopping price stores experience in response to customer demand for products are experiencing the effects of, Star outdoor (www.shopxp.com) in Tianhe district, Guangzhou Office was established in 2010 + Hall + storage places of professional experience. Customers purchase an online budget model and site experience, satisfied in cash transactions.
Complete risk-free online shopping patterns. In order to better serve the customers and faster generation times, Star outdoor twice the enrollment service, truly Advisory response in a timely manner, on the same day, quality and quantity requirements.

Process manager, Star outdoor has a lot to do good enough goods to be more diverse, the service needs to give more personalized, Web technology to be more human, hoping customers more opinions and give more time to improve the growth of, Star outdoor will certainly accelerate the pace of growth. Keep the faith, change patterns it is learnt that the outdoor markets, in particular telescope products, in traditional market has been a popular product, in the country in the traditional mode of shopping malls, outdoor shop, price has been known for its expensive.

Star network is to reverse the break, the lead will change the traditional sales model, network operation at low cost, perfect service and after sales, and successfully restore the true price, available to consumers with "competitive price" products. With Thanksgiving, showing the qualities perceived a year to star constantly moves outdoors for the update, competitors race to mimic, very high profile.
But people familiar with star outdoors know that Star outdoor marketing profile is to make goods more competitive advantage, customers get more benefits. Reporters in Star Office products outdoor district saw a that says "Star, star service" banner. Perhaps, this is exactly what stellar outdoor cornerstone as a marketing innovator, pioneer of confidence, focus, persistence, innovation, gratitude, four elements is probably the star where the outdoor to the telescope, the industry leader in content!0430.com recommend

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Star outdoor (www.shopxp.com) are opto-electronics technology limited Guangzhou Shun telescopes far mirrors store. Mainly engaged in wholesale and retail Austria Swarovski, and Germany Steiner, Bosma telescopes, United States doctor can, Japan Nikon, Japan Olympus brand telescopes. Our telescopes are original genuine..

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