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TMall - Taobao mall

What is TMall? Cat is **y and tasteful, day online, is representative of fashion, **y, fashion and quality; Brand cat born picky, demanding quality, sel ective, critical environment, this just accord with day cat online to a definition of the quality of the city.

We hope it be your cat in the cyber world fifth avenue or the champs elysees, could become a new landmark of China and the world B2C!

So far, the TMall has more than 400 million buyers, more than 50000 merchants, more than 70000 brand; A variety of new network marketing model is constantly being created. Join day cat, will have more contact with cutting edge of electronic commerce opportunities, will also be new B2C business to create more miracles!

Day formerly known as taobao mall, cat is the reappearance of B2C shopping platform taobao (B2C Business to Customer) since 2008, taobao mall, on April 10, many brands including kappa, Levi 's button, Esprit, Jackjones, le le, supor, lenovo, HP, Disney, uniqlo open official flagship store in day, the cat, was warmly received by the consumers.

So far, the TMall has more than 400 million buyers, more than 50000 merchants, more than 70000 brands.

Taobao mall has a general store and location are not the functions of:

1, no negative credit evaluation, starting fro m 0, 5 is the highest, the comprehensive evaluation of trading activity.

The custom to decorate, page 2, shop decoration function page ahead of ordinary shops and location.

3, product display function USES the flash technology, full display of your products.

4, all adopt the mall certification to ensure that the trading of credit.

Taobao mall is the latest open taobao B2B2C service, the service is mainly aimed at large sellers and part of the seller or authorized seller brand, the main service object contains education mall, MOTOROLA, Nike, adidas and other world famous brands of agents and dealers, taobao's brand value and brand awareness increased to a new level, and also deepen the shake the market by quality and credit problems, and to a certain extent, and benefits to our buyers, and promote the diversified development of taobao.

Different fro m other domestic large-scale integrated B2C shopping platform, taobao mall and taobao to share more than 98 million members, to provide fast, safe and convenient online shopping consumers shopping experience. Provide 100% quality assurance of goods, seven days without reason return of after-sales service, providing shopping and shopping * * cash points such as high-quality service. In strategy of taobao, taobao mall also gradually grow into taobao important one annulus, became one of the main service of taobao, taobao mall as the taobao flagship brand of service also more and more get the attention of buyers and support of online shopping in a new round of game, taobao with taobao mall broke the downturn situation, taobao mall before officially out of the road of the own B2C .

To contact us

Investment consulting: 0571-88158077 (fro m Monday to Friday 09:00-18:00)

Customer service hotline (has housed businesses) : 0571-85026880 (fro m Monday to Sunday 09:00-24:00)

Company address: lake the 478 wensan road, hangzhou city, zhejiang province huaxing times square 4 f, block A

Zip code: 310013

Service hotline

Day cat hotline: 4008-608-608 on Monday - Sunday - 24:00 provide nine days the cat products, activities and trading all kinds of problems, such as consulting

Day cat investment hotline: 0571-88158077 Monday - Friday 9-18:00 (rest) holidays provide day cat house, standards advisory to investment promotion channel

Buy DianQiCheng hotline: 4008000808-1 on Monday - Sunday at about 9:00 - day cat DianQiCheng guide promotions, products, payment business consulting help, etc

Contact address: lake the 478 wensan road, hangzhou city, zhejiang province huaxing times square A block of f (cat) zip code: 310099

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