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Summary:Turned upside down world is a lot, and when I look back, we've come a tortuous journey, footprint deep carves deep printed historical —— since its creation in 1927, Henan Museum, has experienced ups and downs over the decades, the blood and sweat poured from generation to generation. Today, she along with..
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Turned upside down world is a lot, and when I look back, we've come a tortuous journey, footprint deep carves deep printed historical —— since its creation in 1927, Henan Museum, has experienced ups and downs over the decades, the blood and sweat poured from generation to generation. Today, she along with the revitalization of the nation, the prosperity of the motherland, is gradually moving towards glory, plays an increasingly important role in the construction of socialist spiritual civilization. Development of Henan Museum, matters of pride, inspiring.
  It as a microcosm of the history of museums in China, will always remember the history. First, from the Museum to the Henan Museum, Henan Henan Museum is the history of our country created one of the early Museum. As early as in June 1927, the then Commander-in-Chief of the National Revolutionary Army, ' General Feng yuxiang in the governance of the Chairman of the Henan provincial government in Henan platform raised "fundamental political education for statehood" and ", and personally, strongly supported cultural and educational undertakings.
  In July of the same year, under the kind attention of General Feng yuxiang, appointed by the provincial government, Guo Xujing, Xu Jinquan, will cap three human members of the Henan Museum, attached to the provincial, Kaifeng Court West Street, the former law school for specified exhibition site (now Sam Shing Temple in Kaifeng city street), is for the beginning of the Henan Museum and toughness. However, this unique Museum, Henan province before liberation, from the date of the birth, as the turbulence of the times and embarked on a rough road. In May 1928, the Henan provincial government for the performance of the nation's history and current situation, ideal for promoting Republican and one world, Henan Museum then renamed "National Museum", and led by the provincial government, while the allocation of confiscated master Liu furudo heritage part of it earmarked for deadlines for opening. National Museum "inspired the popular surge in intellectual civilization, life, promote social civilization" for hospital purposes, widely collected history, natural sciences, agriculture, arts, health and other aspects of physical material.
  On October 10 of that year, in cases where collections lack, make extensive use of instruments such as model, held for the first time exhibits. On December 1, 1930, the Henan Provincial Government will be "National Museum" reverts "Henan Museum" and determine for the educational institutions directly under the provincial leadership. December 23 Department of education appointed Guan Baiyi, as curator, and recovery of the population in normal premises for the collection of Antiquities. On January 20, 1931, the Henan provincial education and the enactment of the Henan Museum organization regulation, which clearly the purpose of the Museum: "one, promote culture; second, the promotion of academic research; third, increase public knowledge; d, promote social civilization". Established the custody of the Department, both collected two large Department of research, set up by the Home Office, Department of education, school principals, Director, Council of curators, composed of 7 people, 19 of the original National Museum artifacts to a 7, removed a lot of folk costumes and models, enriched the heritage. 8 years from 1930 to 1937, Henan Museum is an unprecedented development period, historical artifacts in the collections of the most rich and delicate, with local characteristics of Henan, and emerged as represented by Guan Baiyi of a high level group of researchers. Since then, the reputation of Henan Museum, has received widespread praise at home and abroad. In 1937, the "Marco Polo Bridge incident" broke out, Japan imperialism wantonly invade. To avoid artifacts have been destroyed, major heritage collection 68 cases of forced movement in Chongqing, is at a standstill. During 1940 the Japanese, Henan Museum was renamed the "Henan Provincial Museum", consists of the Department, the Department of Museum, research and so on.
After the end of the war, KMT members of the Henan Provincial Government sent Xie Menggang to receive to receive Museum of Henan province under the control of the Japanese authorities, but by the outbreak of the war of liberation, the nationalist government engaged in civil war, severe lack of economic and financial constraints, the Museum struggled. In 1948, the people's Liberation Army carry one fell swoop frees the ancient capital Kaifeng. The party and the Government attach great importance to education and Museum, immediately set up a three-person management team dominated by Zhao Gan Pavilion, into the Museum, straighten Museum.
  In November 1949, Qu Naisheng, Director of the Office of education, appointed by the provincial Government of Henan province who is also a curator, began organizing staff, organize cultural monuments, galleries, renovating premises, facilities, operations, Museum again to life, to flourish. In 1953, issued by the Ministry of culture according to the Central Museum of the local nature of the objectives, tasks, and views the development direction of Henan Provincial Museum was identified as a landmark Museum. In 1961, the Museum moved from Kaifeng to Zhengzhou, the capital of Henan province, there is a good exhibition venue.
  However, the Museum has the operational activities of the programme, carried out in an orderly manner when an unprecedented cultural revolution began. In the 10 years of the cultural revolution, museum organizations paralyzed business in ruins. After the third plenary session of the party, Henan Provincial Museum getting better, has entered a new historical development period.
  Particularly in the 80, Museum grows, bodies tend to be reasonable, established the Department of exhibitions, custody, social education, libraries, Research Department, editorial offices, offices of the Cultural Relics of Central China, the Administration section, security and so on, has established sound personal responsibility and the rules and regulations, a flourishing in the Museum's new look. Sun and moon Alternately, vicissitudes of life changes. The wheel of history into the 90 's. With the deepening of reform and opening up, frequency of international cultural exchange, the rapid development of tourism, and further promote the development of led to the National Museum. Due to the Henan Provincial Museum building is a surprise during the 1958 great leap forward in the building of Zhengzhou, it terms of building form, building scale, is still on the Interior, are difficult to adapt to today's Museum's growing needs. To this end, the Henan provincial party Committee and provincial government leadership vision, decided "to 85" period in the provincial capital Zhengzhou: build a museum with today's advanced level of modernization.
  The fall of 1991, according to the instructions of Comrade Li Ruihuan, former Party Secretary Hou zongbin, former provincial Governor Li Changchun and other leading comrades actively sought, the State Council decided that the national and joint investment to build new premises in Henan province. The new Museum is located at agricultural road, Zhengzhou city, covering more than 100,000 square meters, construction area of 78,000 square meters, a total investment of nearly 300 million Yuan RMB, and took 5 years to build. Main Pavilion located in the catchment area of the Central, pyramid-shaped, after heritage houses, four corners of distribution of electrical education building, the comprehensive service building, Office building, the training building.
  Overall building structural rigor, imposing, modeling elegant, it has a unique artistic style, but also reflect the characteristics of the Central Plains culture. In accordance with the requirements of the National Museum of modern, new interior amenities, fully functional. Automatic fire protection systems, security systems, Office Automation management systems, cultural relics protection systems, audio-visual systems, building automation systems and other facilities. In July 1997, the Henan Provincial Government decided that the Central Plains carved stone art merged with the Henan Provincial Museum, Henan Museum established.
Establishment of the Henan Museum, is a milestone in the development of Henan Museum, Museum of Chinese history of an event. Second, from the built heritage collection Museum is located in the Central Plains of Henan province, has a long history and rich heritage, is an important one of the birthplaces of Chinese civilization.
  Since ancient times, our ancestors would thrive in the vast lands and lived, creating a colorful ancient culture, which laid a solid material foundation for the development of Henan Museum.
  Create a beginning of Henan Museum, attaches great importance to cultural relics collection, but because lack of Pan-experience Museum working with a great deal of blindness and arbitrary collection collections tend to be simple "snare exotic" collection is complex and varied. From 1930 to 1936, old Henan Museum keeping boom, both in the collection on the collection, collation, or the study of collections, have done a lot of fruitful work. Especially under the leadership of Mr Guan Baiyi, successively took over the Antiquities Preservation Committee saved all cultural relics, including the spring and autumn of 1923 unearthed in xinzheng bronze, hoard of porcelain of Song dynasty unearthed in November 1925 Yanling Chengguan, Luoyang, ancient stone sculpture. In 1934, 1935 and has collected a lot of celebrities in ancient paintings and calligraphy and modern art, thus greatly enriched and improved the quantity and quality of Museum Collections. Particularly worth mentioning is, several field Museum also offered to explore, a wealth of archaeological finds. Has collections of this period are not only plentiful, and of fine quality, at a premium. Lynn crane square pot unearthed in xinzheng, large Ding, Wang Ziying furnace, chimes; Dengfeng County nine regrind jade Ruyi; carved stone sarcophagus of the Northern Wei, Liu Gen statue monument, Wei Zhi 8, surrounded by statues, stupas in the Sui dynasty ming, Tang Daiquan guy Epitaph, Song dynasty two inscriptions of classics on stone tablet, Golden Imperial titles. Because lots of antiques, greatly improving on the status of the National Museum, also was commended in a foreign country. At that time there had been comments: "the hidden items by manpower China Museum, in addition to the National Palace Museum, Henan Museum in second position. "During the war, in order to ensure the safety of cultural relics, Henan Museum staff full of patriotism and high sense of responsibility, carefully selected treasures 5,678, rubbings of 1162, 1472 sets of books (books), Hankou, 68, packed in boxes shipped, stored in France concession. In September 1938, as the situation becomes more critical, and shipment of relics kept in the Hankou and traveled to Chongqing, so as to avoid the looting and destruction of Japanese invaders. And persist in Kaifeng heritage, following the fall of Kaifeng, majority of bronze and iron are unaccounted for. Deposited in the 68 cases in Chongqing, in November 1949, selected by the national party Government box 38, 5,119 pieces of cultural relics, books and 1450 (album) shipped to Taiwan.
  At this point, Henan Museum was devastated, built heritage Museum for more than 20 years, has no Boutique to speak, the Museum exists in name only. After the founding of new China, under the care and support of the party and the Government, Henan Museum day, location, pick up the aggressive collection of heritage, through investigations, acquisitions, donations, discovery, selection, allocation, and quickly returned to their strength. Moreover, the number of historical relics and the quality is not comparable in the past. So far, the collection of 100,000 pieces of cultural relics, especially prehistoric relics, Shang and Chou bronzes and ceramics throughout the ages, renowned in the world, with high historical, scientific and artistic value. Zhengzhou great river village unearthed relics from the new stone age pottery, linru stone axe figure pottery jars, painted storks fish kilns in Zhengzhou Tibetan bronzes and Chu bronzes unearthed in Xichuan xiasi, ping Ying Guo burial grounds unearthed bronzes, sanmenxia Guo State burial grounds unearthed bronze ware, and gold and silver coins of Chu unearthed in Fugou, Luoyang pottery, Ru porcelain, June. In addition, beginning in 1954, the Museum also has many times sent a call for officers, sent the old revolutionary, fact-finding visit, collecting a large number of valuable revolutionary heritage.
  At the same time, also took over the military, the provincial Department of Civil Affairs and other units transferred part of the revolutionary heritage and relevant information, including many treasures, such as the flag of the bulletin on the Taiping Heavenly Kingdom, Boxer, Ji Hongchang relics of the martyrs of the martyrs died when bloody clothes, Peng Xuefeng, the Guide weekly, the new youth magazine, the red flag newspaper, the State review, the dawn newspaper. Over the past decade, with further work related to cultural relics, has long been obscured buried underground heritage boutique, and finally to light, the reproduction of style. In order to tie in with the construction of Henan Museum, Henan province cultural relics to play advantage, different sides from Henan to reproduce the splendid ancient culture in the provincial party Committee and provincial Government Department of culture, heritage and strong support and care of, more from around the Central, provincial and municipal cultural relic unit recruited a large number of antiques.
These antiques, like a Pearl inlaid in Central Plains, and emits the gorgeous bright brilliance, it doomed to endless charm, attracting numerous tourists from home and abroad. Three, from the national model of exhibition to the exhibition of the light of Henan ancient culture exhibition is the central to the operational work. Beginning of Henan Museum, working around the Center. "National Museum" exhibition during the national model, was exhibited for the first time exhibits history of Henan Museum. Exhibition with the statue, with the photos, the peoples of ancient and modern models on display.
  After the show, causing the sensation of all sectors and the public in Kaifeng, "visitors path". From 1930 to 1937 "Henan Museum" period, an extensive collection of historical relics, artifacts and natural specimens on the basis, open gallery with 13. Showroom, xinzheng artifacts Gallery of Antiquities unearthed in Yin ruins in Anyang, Luoyang antiques showroom, showroom, showroom, opened a national model of rock Shōkoku-JI collection relics showroom, a stone room, Canon showroom, showroom, plant, mineral specimens, calligraphy and painting showroom.
  As the exhibition was limited, "only on the" guided, stuffing approach, display quality is poor, but still can see "Henan Museum" has begun to take shape, is very clear and bright in our Museum. In 1937, after the historical relics boutique arrived in Chongqing, Kaifeng continues to display open items from the Museum belongs, but significantly less quantity and quality.
  In 1938 Japan invading troops occupied Kaifeng, the Museum was forced to cease activities until 1940, when under the rule of Japanese puppet regime, the Museum was renamed "Henan Provincial Museum", the original display open. After liberation, Henan Museum won new life. 1949--1961 years, apart from the natural environment and resources in Henan province, and the history of Henan province, the Henan gemingwenwu three basic display, it also organizes exhibitions, dozens of content most associated with the central task of the various stages and political movements.
  Ape to man, such as exhibition (1950), the Suppression of counter-revolutionary exhibition (1951), the great Motherland exhibition (1952), the bronzes exhibition (1952), the ancient costumes exhibition (1954), the Elimination of counterrevolutionaries exhibition (1956). From 1961 to 1966, five or six years, is a period of steady development of the Henan Museum and exhibitions more time. Move to beginning of Cheng immediately organized jointly with the province of the archaeological exhibition in Henan province, more than 2000 pieces of cultural relics on display daily audience such as the tide, stream, has won wide public praise. Of the Henan revolutionary heritage exhibition held in 1963, artifacts, pictures, paintings, text, such as the system recreates the history of Henan revolutionary struggle.
  In 1964, at the original on the basis of the archaeological exhibition, after extensive research, design, production, moved after Zheng was held the first exhibition--of the historical exhibition in Henan, concentrated reflection of Henan ancient history. The "cultural revolution" period, the exhibition exhibition has been a great deal of impact, the show is dirty "black show" were seized. In such a hostile environment, Museum staff or a high sense of responsibility has conducted several educational exhibitions.
  As the Senior Colonel of the exhibition of the history of resistance, the exhibition of deeds of Jiao Yulu, linxian County of the red flag Canal exhibition coal mine in Luoyang, and the history of exhibitions. In 1977 to June of 1997, can be said to be 20 of the development of Henan Museum, exhibition exhibitions did a good job, and gradually established a status of National Heritage Museum. First in 1980 and restored the historical exhibition in Henan province. The exhibition in the "cultural revolution" exhibit before on the basis of added new content, new exhibition equipment and tools, making it more scientific and popular, become truly popular culture by the masses.
  Since 1981, also held the Henan revolutionary heritage exhibition ', ' ancient sculpture exhibition ', the ancient architectural art exhibition, the collection of calligraphy and painting exhibition, the historical relics exhibition of Ming and Qing dynasty and Chu bronzes exhibition of dozens of exhibitions, visitors yearly, annual average reached more than 300,000 people. Is particularly striking is, through six years of brewing and in-depth research, set Henan Museum collective of wisdom, in Central, and province, and to city leaders at all levels and brothers units of support Xia, Henan Museum in completed of day will Grand launched has Henan ancient culture of light under, and Zhongyuan Centennial cloud under, and Henan ancient stone art under, and Henan ancient jade under, and Henan ancient building under, and Chu bronze under, and in Ming and Qing dynasties technology treasures under, and Dinosaur world under, 1 a basic exhibition and 7 a topic exhibition, content rich, Be a sight to behold. Especially in light of the ancient culture of Henan, Henan Museum is 70 years the largest and most technologically advanced, enrich the content of large exhibitions, exhibition hall covers an area of more than 3,200 square meters, the exhibition more than 1000 pieces of cultural relics (sets), is a collection of antiques, focusing on showing brilliance of Henan ancient culture.
  In content Shang, a modified traditional of mode, as to increased has audience participation project; in form, General used has sound, and light, and electric, modern science and technology means, make audience real to feast for the; in explained means Shang, equipped with has computer control of automatically spread put recording explained, and spread put video, and voice slide, and induction recording explained, advanced equipment, increased has audience participation of some project, to maximum to meet audience on heritage of knowledge appreciation, and entertainment, needs. Henan Museum since its inception, has been how to out of the Henan Cultural Relics of Central China, to the world on this issue to make active efforts and try. As 1935--1936 years in London, organized by the international exhibition of Chinese art, Museum and sent 8 bronzes unearthed in xinzheng, Henan province, caused a stir in London, was highly commended by the overseas audience. 70 years to, held and participate in of abroad exhibition also has: 1980 Denmark, and Switzerland of China Treasures exhibition under, 1985 Japan of China history Terra cotta art exhibition under, 1986 Japan of Yellow River civilization exhibition under, 1987 United States of China history Terra cotta art exhibition under, 1990 Japan of Henan province heritage exhibition under, 1990 Singapore of China Han civilization exhibition, 1991 France of Henan province prehistoric heritage exhibition under, 1992 Australia of Imperial of China exhibition under In 1993, Denmark's national exhibition of Imperial, 1996--1997 years of United Kingdom, and Germany, and Switzerland and Denmark's exhibition of man and God, of the Yellow River civilization exhibition, 1998.
  Through exhibitions, strengthen us and the friendship between the peoples, increase the number of overseas visitors to learn more about Henan, understanding has a long history, profound culture of Central Plains. Four of Henan Museum, from the magazine to the Henan Museum of Cultural Relics of Central China has 70 years of history, is not only a land of cultural relics, cultural and educational establishments, but it is also important to scientific research positions.
  Especially in the liberation of more than 40 years, Henan Museum talents in achieving fruitful results in the field of scientific research. In 1929, after the Yin ruins relics in the Museum, while the Museum hired archaeologists Guan Baiyi of Henan for editorial committees, studies and textual research on the bones text printed in a book. The end of 1930, Mr Guan Baiyi took over as curator positions and set up a Research Department, research work on track. According to rough statistics, 1931-1938, Henan Museum published catalogue of heritage research publications reach more than 100 books, and volumes. Comparison important of as Yi Jue stone chart under (Guan Baiyi), and Onyx under (Guan Baiyi), and ruins artifacts save really under (Guan Baiyi), and ruins text save really under (Guan Baiyi), and xinzheng ancient Manager figure exam under (Guan Baiyi), and Nanyang Han portrait set under (Guan Baiyi), and Henan Goldstone Chi figure under (Guan Baiyi), and old Grand hole graphite xieying under (Guan Baiyi), and propagation Tower graphite xieying under (Guan Baiyi), and Nanyang Han portrait meeting save under (Sun Wenqing), and ruins text save really first set textual research on under (Xu Jingcen), and Collection of carved stone finishing Allgemeine (Sun Wenqing), the Henan Museum of natural science report, er、sance (Fu Tong). Research on the content, with strong local characteristics of Henan, give full play to the advantages of local museums. On the research methods, their emphasis on practice, researchers often get out of the den, attend artifacts, specimens collected and collated.
  In August 1935, the excavation of Tomb of warring States period, Guan Baiyi Biao in Ji County mountain town; the spring of 1936, Sun Wenqing participating in the excavation of ruins of the 13th; September 1936, Xu Jing, Guo Yu hui County Glass Pavilion to explore. In July 1936, after Wang Youqiao curator, "expounding and culture studies", founder of the Henan Museum magazine, March 1938, suspended because of the Japanese invasion. Just two years, published 15 times total, rich, fascinating, so-called "Lynn Lynn the sound of tinkling, reading aloud, etc., crafts collection in one place, then the zhongzhou ancient cultural scenic park.
  "From which not only detailed insight into the history of Henan Museum, but also a number of important archaeological theory, archaeological survey and archaeology research papers, even today, still important academic references. After the founding, with the rapid development of museums, scientific research is gradually moving towards in-depth. More than 40 years, suffered the impact of a number of political movements, but still achieved unprecedented results. Archaeological discover report, and academic papers thousands, published monographs directory and universal books also has dozens of Department of more, comparison important of as China ceramic sketch under (Henan province Museum series), and gantry made like prefatory remarks under (Henan province Museum series), and Henan province Museum under (China Museum of seven), and China slave under (Xu Shunzhan), and Han stack cast under (Tang Wenxing), and Zhongyuan ancient culture under (Xu Shunzhan), and summer culture research on the set under (Zheng Jiexiang series), and zhongyuehansan que under (DVN), and
  Henan of Han dynasty image bricks (Tang Wenxing, and DVN), of the dawn of civilization of the Yellow River (Xu Shunzhan), one or two of the Henan cultural relic archaeology was recorded in the literature classification (Sun Chuanxian editor-in-Chief) of the study of the Han, the Han dynasty--Henan (thoughtful, Xiao Wang), the completion of the Henan Museum collection. In 1977, hosted by the Henan Provincial Museum of the first provincial museums journal founded in the Henan Museum newsletter, archaeologists, historians, the late Guo Moruo inscribed magazine. Publications of advent, and soon attracted the attention of readers at home and abroad. In 1980, in order to further extend its influence into public offerings at home and abroad, of the Cultural Relics of Central China in 1981 and changed its name to. 20 years to, Zhongyuan heritage under always take with to social publicity heritage protection policy and carry forward excellent culture, strengthening patriotism education, promotion academic prosperity of multiple mission, gradually formed has has local features and unique style of academic journals, increasingly was text Bo community of attention, has became research prehistoric culture, and summer commercial culture, and Han painting, and Chu culture and the technology archaeological, area of important garden, and continuous is named Henan province level journals and China social science class journals.
  As of now, published a speech by the Cultural Relics of Central China, published academic articles, archaeological reports more than 2000 articles, and published the proceedings of the Institute of archaeology of Henan province, and the transactions of the Institute of Buddhism in Wei, Jin and southern and Northern dynasties, such as the theory of Yangshao culture supplements from different angles and sides reflects the face of Central Plains Museum. From the journals of the Cultural Relics of Central China, Henan Museum Museum, not only so that we can see the glorious course of the Henan Museum in decades, but also we deeply realize that behind the rich fruits, Henan Museum unremitting efforts of several generations. Okay tooFor they, quietly, for the development of Henan Museum and scientific research, has made outstanding contributions. Mr Guan Baiyi was 30 renowned scholars, archaeologists in modern times, is also a founder of the Henan Museum. He was knowledgeable, writing comprehensive, in history, such as epigraphy, archeology, Oracle bones, and Gazetteer study also created very deep attainments and great prowess. Mr Sun Wenqing, early 30 's, has opened up a new world of Chinese studies, Chinese research has laid the Foundation. After liberation, Henan Museum is bursting. Like Xu Shunzhan, Han Shaoshi, Yang Huancheng, Sun Chuanxian, suffers often, thoughtful, Wang Ying in third, Zhang weihua, Tang Wenxing, comrade, dvn, writing was very large, enjoys high popularity in the domestic as well as foreign. Now, they have had seven years of age, but many are approaching retirement age, but in the quiet on the blog front, I wonder if old age is just around the corner. Even better is that the experts led by the older generation and encouraged by the emergence of a large number of rising star, not only do they have a solid cultural knowledge, and open to new ideas, new methods, this is our early gymnasticstraining, the fundamental guarantee for prosperity.
  From them, you can see the Henan Museum of the future. Henan Museum brilliant today, is the result of all levels of Government and members of the public interested in supporting. Is the result of joint struggle of several generations of Henan Museum.

Unique geographic conditions and rich resources of cultural heritage, as well as all the staff's relentless pursuit, Henan Museum will be a more solid pace, a new attitude, a modern management and multifunctional services, elegant environment and dominance, to add new luster to Central Plains. Contact email: [email protected] reservations Tel: 0371-63511237 Tel:, 0371-63511183 office phone:, 63,511,230 financial Department Tel: 63,511,060 Security Department Tel: 63,511,101 social education Department Tel: 63,511,004 service Tel: 63,511,076 service Tel: 63,511,246 device Tel: 63,511,096 Tel: 63,511,087 custody Department Tel: 63,511,061 Research Division (of the Cultural Relics of Central China) Tel: 63,511,064 library Tel: 63,511,091 exhibition Department: 63,511,071 Centre telephone: 63,511,067Global Websites: en.0430.com

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Turned upside down world is a lot, and when I look back, we've come a tortuous journey, footprint deep carves deep printed historical —— since its creation in 1927, Henan Museum, has experienced ups and downs over the decades, the blood and sweat poured from generation to generation. Today, she along with..

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