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Labor News noon Edition

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Summary:Working afternoon newspaper owned by Beijing Municipal Trade Union, formerly the Beijing workers ' newspaper formally resumed publication in 1993, the afternoon newspaper December 2000 changed its name to labour. Newspaper's history dates back to November 7, 1920, in Beijing, Deng Zhongxia revolutionary pioneer L..
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Working afternoon newspaper owned by Beijing Municipal Trade Union, formerly the Beijing workers ' newspaper formally resumed publication in 1993, the afternoon newspaper December 2000 changed its name to labour.
Newspaper's history dates back to November 7, 1920, in Beijing, Deng Zhongxia revolutionary pioneer Li Dazhao founded the journal labour tone, and later the workers ' weekly ', ' workers ', this is the earliest spread of Communist ideology in Beijing workers ' newspaper, has laid a profound cultural foundation of modern newspapers. Afternoon newspapers adhering to the history and culture of labour, in the continuous reform and innovation in the development and expansion. At present, the newspaper has two papers, one published in a network, namely the labour MIDI Libre, the labor Expo magazine mobile newspaper and the trade unions, labour-MIDI network.

Two newspapers published a network was based on accurate positioning, advanced service concept, a wealth of information, fashion design, expansion of social awareness, efforts to do integrated, newspaper features, into the mainstream of the Trade Union newspaper, news media brands with significant influence in the capital. Labour was the afternoon newspaper the labor reported this afternoon Union mouthpiece of Beijing, formally resumed publication on January 1, 1993, 4 16. Layout the main contents include: Trade Union News reported, human rights defenders, political news, County News, culture, sports, news, finance news, today's focus, such as domestic and international news.

At present, the afternoon newspaper labor has become a comprehensive daily news, by the trade unions at all levels of cadres and the broad masses of workers crowd favorite.
Work phone mobile newspaper reported the labor was April 8, 2011, approved by the Beijing Municipal Federation of commissioned work afternoon newspaper founded by new electronic media.

Key labour mobile newspaper relying on mobile media, newspapers, mobile operators and network operators join hands to build a communication platform, is the newspaper of new electronic media to create. Trade Union Union Expo magazine, Expo is trade union organ in Beijing, resumed publication again in October 1984, 16 format, for PC Digest magazine, 3 issues per month. Publication mainly covers: early issue, with timely coverage of all, always focus as the main content, grass-roots trade unions trade unions; mid-magazine, published in the party-building theory, and labour theory and other theories to articles for the main content of the theory; published in late, with all kinds of social and cultural hot topic as the main content of the society pages.

At present, the Union Expo magazine has become the trade unions at all levels of the workers, the workers loved publication, was described as an integral part of Trade Union cadres and staff assistant, became China's top workers Press Association Journal, Beijing Municipal journal.

Labour labour l network l network was founded in February 2005 by the afternoon newspaper of labour newspaper electronic reading platform, main sections include news, photo news, Supplement, and an electronic version of the query. History began, Deng Zhongxia, Luo Zhanglong revolutionary pioneer Li Dazhao was founded in Beijing on November 7, 1920, the labor sounds magazine (magazine), July 1921 in Beijing at the end of the party and founded the workers ' weekly.
The labour of the sound and the workers weekly, is China's earliest spread of Marxist theory of workers ' newspaper. In order to make media advocacy functions, initiate and organize workers, guide workers struggle in person such as Li Dazhao, Zhao Shi initiative, actively planning new publications of the workers started work.
On June 15, 1925, hosted by the Chinese Communist party organization in the North of the Beijing workers ' weekly (magazine) founded in Beijing. After the founding of new China, news publishing industry has developed rapidly in China. In February 1950, the Beijing Municipal Federation of trade unions was set up, the workers in Beijing, the Beijing Municipal Federation of trade unions of the labour movement, the Trade Union work of publications have been published.

On April 20, 1967, Beijing will set up the Beijing workers ' newspaper. Resumed publication after the reform and opening up, Beijing city Party Committee approved by the municipal party Committee, the Beijing worker's magazine resumed publication again in October 1984. Started as a bi-monthly magazine, January 1986 to digest. In December 1984, the then Chairman of the national people's Congress, Beijing workers ' magazine, Comrade Peng Zhen as inscription: "the wish of the workers became the capital of the workers and we see, we voice who encouraged the construction of material civilization and spiritual civilization, and mirrors. "At the end of 1992, City Journal, decided to continue to do well in the Beijing workers at the same time, restoration of the Beijing workers ' newspaper.
The Beijing workers ' newspaper was the capital for the political nature of the broad masses of staff and workers and trade unions trade unionists comprehensive newspaper, officially resumed publication on January 1, 1993, to the national distribution. According to the development needs of the market economy.

In December 2000, the Beijing workers ' newspaper MIDI Libre changed its name to the labor, in January 2001, the magazine changed its name to the Beijing workers ' unions and the Expo.
Development labor MIDI Libre, the Union Expo always follow the "three-closeness" principle and strive to adhere to the "service unions, service employees, service enterprises, serving the society" newspaper publishing purpose, adhere to the correct orientation for public opinion and spare no effort in safeguarding workers ' legitimate rights and interests, in order to advance the cause of working class movement in the capital have made due contributions to the development.
Newspaper created by early Tuesday and Thursday should develop into a daily newspaper, has become one of the main general mainstream media in Beijing; by the monthly magazine should develop into a periodical appearing once every ten days, become the focus of a Beijing journal. After for decades years of exploration and development, newspaper is to accurate of positioning, keen of thinking, ahead of of consciousness, new of concept, rich of information, fashion of design, efforts expanded newspaper of social visibility, set reputation degrees, increased circulation, do to advanced of culture inspired social, and to correctly of concept boot workers, put advanced of experience and fresh of information spread to readers, efforts will newspaper build became "unions, and workers, and enterprise, and social"
Four-in-one stereo-public information platform.

To adapt to the needs of the new media development, in 2011, the newspaper founded the working mobile newspaper, to upgrade the labour l-NET, a "network of two newspapers published a" pattern of complex media began to form.

Office: 63,522,208 (fax) Editor: 83,523,314 (fax) advertising department:, 63,522,410 (fax) Rights Protection Department: 63,575,858 (fax) Department of Trade Union: 63,544,854 (fax) Department: 63,523,421 (fax) comprehensive Department:, 63,558,687 (fax) circulation: 83,548,149, 63,526,151 Human Rights Hotline: 63,581,010Global Websites: en.0430.com

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Labor News noon Edition:Working afternoon newspaper owned by Beijing Municipal Trade Union, formerly the Beijing workers ' newspaper formally resumed publication in 1993, the afternoon newspaper December 2000 changed its name to labour. Newspaper's history dates back to November 7, 1920, in Beijing, Deng Zhongxia revolutionary pioneer L..

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