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China's national defense information site

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Summary:China's national defence information network (www.cndsi.com) was established in November 2004, registered capital of RMB 10 million, was approved by the relevant State departments of large professional websites. Website to Deng Xiao-ping's theory and three a representative important thought for guide, to defense ..
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"China's national defence information network" (www.cndsi.com) was established in November 2004, registered capital of RMB 10 million, was approved by the relevant State departments of large professional websites. Website to Deng Xiao-ping's theory and "three a representative" important thought for guide, to defense law under, and defense education law under and the related of legal regulations for basis, to carry forward patriotism spirit, advance society construction, service masses for purposes, always adhering to "bit British Columbia is not dare forget worries country, rich not forget strong defense" of concept, efforts for construction consolidation of Defense and civilization of national contribution power.

   "China's national defence information network" is built on the Internet for national defense education bases open to the community, is to promote the national defense policy, universal access to knowledge of national defense, improve the National Defense concept and ideal platform for providing the public with high quality national defense information.

  "China's national defense information site" commenced trial operation in July 2005, after a period of functional testing and perfecting, now achieving as a professional Web site is more complete, more feature-rich requirements. Passed the China National Defence information network using the Internet quick and ubiquitous advantages, for the cause of national defense education, give full play to operate independently of the characteristics of the private enterprises, combining their own development environment, efforts for the cause of national defence do to their obligations and responsibilities. The China National Defense information network opened the following channels: (a) defence information national defense information describes information, information on the defence fronts at home and abroad. Advantages of using the Internet, for all those interested in defence and defence-loving friends to provide a communication platform, trying to understand policy, national defense education regulations provide a query space. Established pursuant to this section to: (ii) defence set up different columns of the Forum, experts on relevant issues, discuss the hot issues in defence of public interest.
Exciting paid remuneration by virtue of article in order to mobilize the enthusiasm of the public concern about the Defense; some unhealthy content in real time to delete or lock issued by IP address, primary phone number, and retain their records for relevant functional departments for reference. (C) defence online competition and SMS reply reply reply, continued uninterrupted to competing answers to activities of Defense knowledge.
According to a points Championship respectively voted weeks, months Championships and champions, and intends to cooperate with television military columns, in each phase of competition answer team different winners, regular TV finals, expansion of the broader education for national defense education activities, further to attract more people to participate in the regular defense education activities in the past.
(D) defence Encyclopedia on this channel are given various defense-related knowledge, including the famous military figures, Chinese and foreign military history, weapons knowledge and the latest military technology, defence, military knowledge resources, and a strong national defense education for all platforms.
(E) the military training of the channels is a young students ' military training as the main campus of the national defense education platform for the exchange of information, through the window, a glimpse of military training, military training bases, columns, such as regulations and syllabus, promote and popularize national defense education in schools.
(F) the Mall contains military books, military training, military songs and military films, weapons, cast of characters, a military model of the world in categories such as e-commerce, military training and the military in National College provides quality services and reliable shopping.
(VII) area of audio-visual realization of military music, the military song, military videos, military information on downloading content online such as video on demand and in real time. (H) military tourism integration of the national revolution resort with patriotism, educational attractions, such as lines, including opening to the forces of the PLA guest houses, hotels and so on, appropriate accommodation combined with attractions of the revolution.
"Red tourism" patriotism education in the form of activity. (IX) this channel is a network of military games game channels. Online gaming is the content industry, it also involves the ideological and ethical construction of minors more deep issues. How to develop good morality can adapt to guide young people need to be made in online games, the current prominent problems of China's online gaming industry.

  Currently domestic operation of network game main exists three large problem: a is network game products in the exists **, and **, and **, and ignorance, and superstition and against national security, not health content; II is without content review of outside network game products flooded my network game market; three is easy effect lack homemade force of minor people of physical and mental health, some mired in which, and falling in, and induced series of social problem. We intend to develop a public defense skills (quality) simulation and training system (temporarily known as the ideal of the war. "Ideal war" of roughly meaning is, as civilization of progress and technology of development, future world related organization has may will on war again defined, future combat has may will in network Shang for, in unified rules of premise Xia, combat both or several party will individual strength, and equipment, and battlefield environment, real data entered a network system, parties related commanders will in network Shang command simulation combat, simulation combat of success results that for war of success results). Design concept of this game is that the player after entering the system, said it had enlisted to become a recruit, he (she) through a variety of individual actions and knowledge (knowledge of national defense), gradually increasing your "rank" rank, and according to their own special skills and hobbies to take arms.

  As the "rank" level increases, he (she) according to their "rank" grades and categories of arms, led by different numbers, different weapons and different arms of forces to accomplish combat mission over and over, receive a higher level of knowledge and skill training. "China's national defence information network" appeared, for Chinese Internet matrix of the modern information society to add a dynamic new force for Internet enthusiasts, especially national defence complex in various sectors of the community, in the living, working and recreation bring great convenience. We warmly welcome the active participation of all sectors of the community and contribute to welcome publication of text and pictures and valuable information (Please indicate the source).

On this Web site has a section of featured articles of authors and publishers, periodicals and newspapers, we express our sincere thanks! Yuanda, Haidian District, Beijing, China defence information network contact Lu Jinyuan times business center, 2nd floor, block c, 10B: 100089 Tel:51652662 88892694 Fax:010-88891360 E-mail:[email protected] (Editorial Office), [email protected] (Marketing Department) [email protected] (Secretary for defence) [email protected] . Com (summer camp)0430.com recommend

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China's national defense information site:China's national defence information network (www.cndsi.com) was established in November 2004, registered capital of RMB 10 million, was approved by the relevant State departments of large professional websites. Website to Deng Xiao-ping's theory and three a representative important thought for guide, to defense ..

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