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Summary:Baiye networks was founded in 2001 and headquartered in Shenzhen, positioned on the local community and the free listing service to help people solve the problems encountered in living and working. Business networks but also for business partners: the most accurate target consumer groups and most direct products and ..
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Baiye networks was founded in 2001 and headquartered in Shenzhen, positioned on the local community and the free listing service to help people solve the problems encountered in living and working. Business networks but also for business partners: the most accurate target consumer groups and most direct products and services platform, the most effective marketing results, and customer relationship management, and many other services.

In Beijing, Shanghai, Tianjin, Chongqing, Guangzhou, Chengdu, Shenyang, Qingdao, Jinan, Zhengzhou, Wuhan, Hangzhou and other areas set up branches and offices, 25, now has 320 opened sub-station in major cities across the country. Trades network established Yu 2001, headquarters set in Shenzhen, as to July 2011, trades network has in Beijing, and Shanghai, and Tianjin, and Chongqing, and Chengdu, and Wuhan, and Qingdao, and Jinan, and Shijiazhuang, and Zhengzhou, and Haikou, and Guangzhou, and Dongguan, and Shenyang, and Dalian, and Hefei, and Suzhou, and Hangzhou, and Nanjing, and Xian, and Changsha, and Nanning, and Kunming, and Nanchang, more than 20 multiple city established has branch, and Office. Now in 320 cities opened a station. All trades network traffic has jumped before life Services website six, number of visitors and page views far ahead in the industry.

All trades network has been adhering to the profit for the customer, teach customers money-making purposes, classification classification information is all business information in one of the most comprehensive Web site.

Classification information in the Internet has become one of the indispensable function of daily work, with new modalities for the dissemination of information, bringing together large amounts of business information and personal information, to address the focus, difficulties in everyday life provides the most convenient way to solve the problem. As one of China's largest category of information Web sites, information, and effective localization, information collection, rigorous examination of the online shop, online shop, using real name on business networks of the four features. Its services cover all areas of life, provide Housing, Job Recruitment, life services, business consulting, furniture, building materials, clothing, digital industry, machinery and electronics, raw materials of daily use chemical industry, agriculture and animal husbandry, and other lifestyle information, covering all major cities in China. All trades network not only provides a rich resource of information for individual users, high credit, interactive platform for classified information, and also for the commercial, Enterprise, users set up a timely, accessible, effective, interactive information services bridge. Classification of the system has a sophisticated, convenient and quick, targeted and so on.

We build online shops for domestic enterprises to promote free model a wide range of services to help domestic small and medium enterprises to step into e-commerce, and provide businesses with accurate directional promoting a wide variety of products, such as business link. Contact details name of Shenzhen: Shenzhen bang industries limited address: Nanshan road, Nanshan District, Shenzhen City industrial zone 7, 8/f, Room IV (HanTang City Hotel Shenzhen Nanshan District Nanshan Avenue flat 8) Tel: 0755-26407246 0755-26074255 0755-26431590 0755-26641277 fax: 0755-26645663 Phuket shafan field Division address: Shenzhen Longgang District Buji shafan and North Road, 3/f, No. 228 (Boulom alongside the highway, Sakata culture stone opposite) Tel: 0755-88831581 fax: 0755-28445155 name of Beijing: Beijing State public science and technology limited company address: Haidian North, honeycomb, 2nd floor, room 109, Tel: 010-51918141
 010-51918137 complaints Tel: 010-63453515 (do not accept users to modify data, business consultant) fax: 010-63453515 previous branch address: Shangdi, Haidian District, Beijing huihuang international ten Street 4th floor 11, 1108, Tel: 15,300,059,773 010-62669552 fax: 010-62669551 Ran a partial address: Xuanwu plain in the 20th, room 802, Tower b, Tao ran, Tel: 18,601,903,587 18,810,889,409 fax: 010-63526430 Wuhan name: Shenzhen bang Co Ltd Wuhan Office address: No. 538 jianshe Avenue, Hankou, Wuhan City Plaza, building a, unit 3, Tel: 13,720,230,106 13,971,009,322 13,667,152,199 027-85564139 027-85558565 027-85564285 13,657,299,099 15,907,157,796 13,407,197,429 Chongqing name: Shenzhen bang industrial limited company Chongqing subsidiary company address: Chongqing Nan'an District five kilometers Lake day, unit 4, building 6, room (opposite the University of Commerce) Tel: 13,883,116,901 15,922,665,614 023-62773220 Guangzhou name: Shenzhen bang industrial company limited Guangzhou Office address: Cirrus name Jing Brook road, Baiyun district, Guangzhou City, building 12, Tel: 020-87247890 13,751,716,364 020-87079252 fax: 020-87079252 Shanghai name: Shenzhen Co Ltd Shanghai branch address: Keyuan road Zhangjiang high-tech Park, Pudong, Shanghai, room 405, building 2, No. 201 (near guoshoujing road) Tel: 18,221,940,401 021-50790466 fax: 021-50271002cheng name: Office of the State industrial company limited Chengdu Shenzhen address: 9th guanghuacun Street, qingyang district, Chengdu, renhe spring generation, 12/f, building 3 (beside renhe spring department store) Tel: 028-86258355 fax: 028-87017186 Suzhou name: Shenzhen industrial limited Suzhou branch address: sanxiang road, Suzhou Changlangq 1808, No. 353 cell phone: 0512-69205581 15,050,456,967 fax: 0512-69205580 Xian name: Shenzhen Office of the State industrial co address: Yanta district West ramp in XI ' an City Road, Tower a, new generation international apartment 2,904 Tel: 18,792,729,076 fax: 029-81878023 Nanjing name: Shenzhen bang co, Ltd Nanjing Office address: Jianye district, Nanjing, China set to celebrate South 15th Street, building 1, room of Government House (next to the industrial and commercial bank) Tel: 15,951,665,967 15,050,563,421 fax: 025-86406885 Hangzhou name: Shenzhen Co Ltd Hangzhou branch address: Tri-West Road, xihu district, Hangzhou City, Zhejiang Province Kai feng Shang Yuan 3 building room 419, Tel: 15,258,869,916 15,990,149,530 fax: 0571-85106196 Shenyang name: Shenzhen bang co, Ltd Shenyang Office address: sanhao Street, Heping District, Shenyang unit run in block d, 18-1, 16/f, Tel: 024-31881289 18,704,066,330 fax: 024-31881283 name of Qingdao: Shenzhen Co Ltd Qingdao branch address: 22nd, Shandong road, Qingdao Fu building, room 1302, phone: 15,092,430,115 fax: 0532-85824027 Jinan name: Shenzhen Co Ltd Jinan branch address: 54th North mountain road, licheng district, Jinan City, Golden gardens, 1th floor, room 1208: 15,318,851,674 15,336,402,814 fax: 0531-88901289 Zhengzhou name: Shenzhen bang-industry limited company Zhengzhou Office address: jinshui district, Zhengzhou city Bauhinia road, East road intersection in purple and Golden City Community unit 1, 1th floor, Tel: 13,523,562,710 13,838,009,621 fax: Dongguan 0371-60686083 name: Shenzhen Office of the State industrial company limited Dongguan add: hongfu West Road, Nancheng district, Dongguan city, Hilton Plaza, building 4, room Tel: 18,688,568,120 13,612,801,183 fax: 0769-22827580 Tianjin name: Shenzhen bang industrial co, Ltd Tianjin Office address:
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All trades network:Baiye networks was founded in 2001 and headquartered in Shenzhen, positioned on the local community and the free listing service to help people solve the problems encountered in living and working. Business networks but also for business partners: the most accurate target consumer groups and most direct products and ..

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