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360 Safety Center

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Summary:360 Safety Center is the largest free security platform, as well as 360 Security Guardian Official website. Dominated by anti-malware program offers secure Internet tools, antivirus, software downloads and technical exchanges. 360 Safety Center was established in July 2006, is an emerging network security based on ..
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360 Safety Center is the largest free security platform, as well as 360 Security Guardian Official website.

Dominated by anti-malware program offers secure Internet tools, antivirus, software downloads and technical exchanges. 360 Safety Center was established in July 2006, is an emerging network security based on the Internet platform company, believes in "waging people's war with the Internet, strangled Trojans industrial chain". Its innovative "cloud security" technologies, its early days launching Internet users participate in, rogueware and Trojans, plug-in formed a fatal blow, 360, also won the Internet users and the market.

360 360 security guards of their free antivirus, 360, 360, 360 safe and security browser 360 Software Manager and other products, and build an Internet security perimeter for Internet users, full protection of Internet users Internet security. 360 qihoo 360 technology company, Ltd (United States NYSE:QIHU on the New York Stock Exchange, hereinafter referred to as 360) is a leading provider of Internet and mobile phone security products and services.

In accordance with the number of users, 360 is the third-largest Internet company in China. China's largest Internet Security free security 360 is committed to providing high quality service for Chinese Internet users encountered while resolving Internet security problems. Internet Trojan horses, viruses, spyware, phishing fraud websites to a wide range of security threats, 360 to the Internet with network security issues. 360 is the initiator of free safety, that Internet Security just like search, email, instant messaging, is an Internet based service, to be free. To this end, 360 security guards, 360 antivirus and other security products free to hundreds of millions of Internet users in China.

At the same time, 360 has developed the world's largest, the technology leader in cloud security system can quickly identify and clear the new Trojans and viruses as well as fishing, horse hung a malicious Web page, full protection of the user's Internet security. As China's largest Internet security company, high level security 360 possessed the largest technical team, its 360 security guards, security browser 360 antivirus, 360, 360, 360 secure desktop phone guardian series products are well received by customers, such as, the 360 became the undisputed brand of network security. As of the end of December 2011, 360 with 402 million users. 360 number reached 255 million browser users. 360 personal start page (Web site navigation) to 148 million the number of users.

360 Mobile guardian is the first mobile security product. Subversion-innovators on the Internet in China with the development of the Internet, security issues to the forefront of the Internet has had to face serious challenges. According to global anti virus products testing center (AV-Test.com) data, in 1998, security vendors collected a total of 1,738 new feature samples of threat. And ten years later in 2008, the global number of new Trojans, viruses and other malicious programs more than thousands, exceeds the sum of the previous ten years all malicious programs.

On July 4, 2009, Microsoft Mpeg-2 vulnerability caused by Trojan outbreak of the epidemic began to focus, domestic every day, more than 20,000 Web sites by hackers hang horse, 1% of the total number close to the site. In China, during 2005-2006, the rogue software was very widespread flooding seriously affected the interests of Internet users. At the same time, with the development of the Internet, the Trojans underground industrial chains to seek illegal interests for fast development, new wrongful acts such as phishing fraud websites also increased sharply. In the Internet era, network security is no longer just a virus. PC-based security concept has become increasingly unsuited to the Internet era in the age of development.

Similarly, with the diversity of Internet security threats, the traditional model of network security is difficult to provide satisfactory security for Internet users, based on cloud computing "cloud security" mode is a must.

360 since its introduction in July 2006, a five-year period, to Subversion-innovation model, has redefined Internet security, overwrite the security market landscape. First, the subversion of the business model. 360 is the initiator of free safety, advocating safety as an Internet based service, completely free; the second is subversive of the security technology. 360 has a profound search engine technology, the application of these technologies in the area of security, built the world's largest to date, most of the users use a day, up cloud security systems; and, third, and most important Subversion, is a 360 with a completely new user experience has redefined Internet security.

Security does not mean to kill the virus, it also means that the data security in the Internet age, account security, privacy, security, downloads, security, and PC health. 360: lead the trend of open Internet in China in 2011, opening into a future Internet development of the theme. In 2012, as China's largest Internet service provider, 360 development course in the past six years, has always been creative and liberal advocates and practitioners. It can be said that the DNA of innovation and openness is the 360. Through user experience innovation, technology innovation and business model innovation, 360 has redefined Internet security, which brings together a massive user base of more than 400 million, to provide free, high quality Internet security services.

Meanwhile, 360 adhere to the spirit of openness and cooperation, navigating through 360, 360 game centers and 360 software products such as Butler, together with many partners share 360 users, traffic, brand, achieve win-win cooperation, and build a healthy Internet environment.

In 2012, hope through 360 open platform continues to work with partners to build win-win system, by providing detailed, comprehensive platforms, services, and network security services, 360, also works with partners to share the growth opportunities. 360 will continue to focus on Internet security, remained committed to using innovative technology and products solve Internet security problems encountered.

Meanwhile, 360 with an open mind, through sharing resources, is so that users get a good consumer experience, partners also get huge returns. 360 security guards on 360 products and services: kill Trojan patching 360 security guards protecting privacy is currently the most powerful, best, most users of Internet security software.

Due to the ease of use, user reputation well, at present, the preferred installation 360 of the more than 400 million users. 360 security guards have Avira Trojans, cleaning plugin, fix vulnerabilities, computer examinations and many other features, and original "Trojan firewall" feature, rely on the detection and identification of clouds you see, be fully and intelligently intercept all kinds of Trojans, protect the privacy of user accounts, and other important information. Current Trojans and threats are well beyond viruses, 360 security guards with cloud security technology, intercepting and killing the Trojan on the effectiveness, speed and professionalism of exceptional performance, can effectively prevent the personal data and privacy are Trojan steals, known as "protection against Trojans first choice".

360 security guards themselves are very light, also have power on acceleration, garbage and other optimization features, you can speed up your slow PC, containing 360 Butler can also help users to easily download the software, upgrades and strength to uninstall various software applications. 360 antivirus: free, powerful antivirus 360 antivirus is antivirus software that most users in China, 360 antivirus is a free antivirus, it consolidates five leading innovative anti-kill the engine, including internationally renowned Avira BitDefender virus engines, Avira AntiVir, Avira Virus Avira engine, 360 cloud engines, engine 360 active defense, 360QVM artificial intelligence engine. Five engines, intelligent scheduling, provides comprehensive antivirus protection for you, not only killing the well, and appeared for the first time against new viruses Trojans. 360 antivirus free, no activation code, lightweight and fast card reader manslaughter rate was far lower than that of other soft kill. 360 antivirus technology unique to the system consumes minimal system resources, and minimal impact on system speed. 360 antivirus also has "not disturb mode" users to play the game or open a full screen program automatically enter the "not disturb mode", has a more smooth gaming fun.

360 antivirus and use 360 security guards, is the Golden combination of secure Internet access. 360 safe browser: safe Internet access does not fall for the quick and smooth no ads on 360 safe browser is Internet safe easy to use next-generation browser, malicious Web site owns China's largest library, use Avira engine, can automatically block hanging horses, fraud, online phishing and other malicious Web sites. The original "isolation mode", would not allow users to access the Trojan site infection. No trace of browsing to maximize protection of the privacy of Internet users.

Security browser 360 compact, fast, very few crashes, with translations, screenshots, dozens of kinds of practical features such as mouse gestures, ad filtering, has become a priority for the majority of Internet users Internet. 360 rapid browser: smooth browsing experience pages Flash open browser-360 speed is a speed, dual-core secure seamless browser. It is based on the Chromium open source project, with lightning speed, comprehensive security features and massive wealth of practical tools extension.

In addition, to make it suitable for domestic users, it has joined the mouse gesture, Super drag, restore closed tabs, practical features such as the address bar drop-down list, with the smooth operation of the original Chromium, smooth feel at ease when you surf the Web. Security 360 desktop: desktop, fun, absolutely the most secure convenient 360 safe desktop now brings together a shiduowankuan cool Internet applications, divided into games, videos, stories, music, shopping, living, fashion, entertainment, utilities, finance and investment, picture, social networks, more than 10 kinds of categories such as news, covers almost all popular applications.

All adhering to the "green" principles, non-toxic-free plug-in, is 360 Safety Center certified, users click the download button to the application you want. 360 phone Defender: anti-harassment, and anti-buckle fee, and protection privacy 360 phone Defender is a paragraph full free of phone security software: can effective intercept garbage SMS and harassment phone, let phone recovery quiet space; networking cloud Avira malicious software, real-time monitoring software installed and networking, thoroughly put an end to malicious buckle fee against; encryption important contact people of communications records, prevent personal privacy leak; system a key cleanup, easily for phone run accelerated.

Also belonging to displays and queries, automatic adding IP save phone bill, no trace messages, and so on many features, not only brings you a comprehensive range of mobile phone security and privacy protection, allowing you to use the phone more quickly and easily. 360 Mobile Assistant: easily manage your Smartphone 360 Mobile Assistant — is the Android smart phone resource acquisition platform. Provide a mass, novels, video games, software, music, photographs, through it's easy to download, install, and manage cell phone resources. All information resources, all 360 Security Testing Center audit certified, green, non-toxic, safe and worry-free.

360 Mobile Assistant to help you use the lowest flow rate, the quickest, most convenient, secure access to network resources and inject fresh colors into your Android phone! Contact we website blocking complaint, and reported hanging horse, and fraud website website blocking feedback: 360url#360.CN (please put # into @) click entered Web site security online query 360 products views and recommendations--following contact way are provides 7 * 24 hours service mailbox: Kefu#360.CN (please put # into @) products technology support micro-service problem feedback forum: http://BBS.360.CN/Note: as by above way contact we,
Please leave your contact information, we can for the first time to contact you.

Phone: 010-58781105 (in case the phone is busy please send an email or other contact information) software vendors issue software false positive feedback feedback: opensoft#360.CN (Please replace # @) >>BitDefender click here to enter the 360 software open platform antivirus software activation codes purchased email: help#360.CN (Please replace # with @) Tel: 010-69092468 ESET NOD32 antivirus software related issues Email: help#360.CN (Please replace # with @) telephone: 010-69092468 telephone:, 010-58781000 advertising sales, email: dhsales#360.CN (Please replace # @) telephone: 010-58542721 (only advisory network of Web site put in 360 ad) to contact you before you work with 360, Please submit your details. Be submitted to the >> email: hezuo#360.CN (Please replace # with @)You care: w w w. 0430. c o m

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360 Safety Center is the largest free security platform, as well as 360 Security Guardian Official website. Dominated by anti-malware program offers secure Internet tools, antivirus, software downloads and technical exchanges. 360 Safety Center was established in July 2006, is an emerging network security based on ..

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