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Linglong tyres

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Summary:Shandong Linglong tyres company limited is located in Zhaoyuan city gold-China, large tires is a specialized, large-scale, technology-oriented enterprises, companies with registered capital of 1 billion yuan, with a staff of nearly 6,000 people. Leading products of high performance radial car tire tire cover, pa..
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Shandong Linglong tyres company limited is located in Zhaoyuan city gold-China, large tires is a specialized, large-scale, technology-oriented enterprises, companies with registered capital of 1 billion yuan, with a staff of nearly 6,000 people.

Leading products of high performance radial car tire tire cover, passenger light truck and passenger car radial tires, all-steel radial truck tire more than more than 3,000 varieties of specifications, annual capacity of 35 million, for many years top 20 finalist world tire, tire top five in China. In 2011, the company achieved sales revenue of 10.384 billion yuan and exports worth 850 million dollars, total imports and exports close to $ 1.6 billion.

In view of the contribution in the fields of industry, the company has won the "national defends the contract heavy credit enterprise", "national Wuyi labour Prize", "the advanced science and technology enterprise in China", "China excellent private-owned enterprises", "Shandong provincial high-tech enterprise" and other honorary titles.

The ability of independent innovation to highlight to acquire core technology after years of industry innovation and development, the company has developed software and hardware facilities, innovation system, research highlights, talent internationalization, and several big advantages. Has a State-level Enterprise Technical Center and the National Accreditation Board for laboratories, construction noise, low rolling resistance laboratory and other cutting-edge science and technology innovation platform established a postdoctoral research center of academician workstation, workstation, school of Linglong tyres.

Has invested more than 400 million Yuan, purchase dynamic imprint experiment machine, rolling resistance test, LMS systems, such as the world's leading test equipment over more than 500 sets, product quality testing, new product development and performance improvement with a powerful hardware protection. Company research team are has full master has science using limited Yuan analysis, and die state analysis test, and six points force test, and whole car performance simulation **, and rubber component test, and scroll resistance test, and empty cavity resonance noise test, industry frontier of research and test detection means, assumed has national 863 plans, and torch plans, more items national technology research topics, participation developed and modified has 58 items national and the industry standard, made more than 130 more items both at home and abroad patent, which has more items new products, and technology filled domestic blank, Formed a number of key industry-leading, first-class technology and high and new technology products: GREEN-Max UHP tires in the summer of 2011 Finland tire testing with 7.6 per cent of the world's composite score ranks fourth, hand with two major brands in the world, as a previous test best of Chinese tires.

Independent research and development "section of wet-resistant low-noise ultra high performance radial car tire" has won the "Shandong provincial science and technology progress Award" and 2010 "national science and technology progress Award", is the Chinese tyre products so far received top prize of national science and technology progress award. Management excellence, product quality is stable and reliable and exquisite people adhere to the "management is a service management is to improve innovation, management is implemented," modern management concepts, management excellence, thanks to the information platform, implementing collaborative OA Office System Office, implementing ERP management functionality, according to TS16949 quality system certification, the use of "Visual, live TPM 6S, equipment, quality QC and standardization

"Five management sector, implementing tracking control the whole production process, promotion of sulfide group control integrated, computer-aided design, support, information management, information technology, two depth of integration, raising the level of manufacturing industry and Informationization of China's top 500 enterprises. In terms of quality control, the establishment of a strict system of inspection, sampling, cross-checked, and establish the next procedure is procedure on user's market management principles, formation mechanism. To information technology to improve the quality management level, marking destruction, online offline detection, computer intelligent error correction, automatic, failsafe, continuous production, product barcode, depth of two integration ensure that goes to market every product is qualified.

Reliable product quality, has won global consumer recognition, has passed the China 3 c, United States DOT, ECE GCC, the Arab countries of Europe, Brazil INMETRO, and Uruguay LATU, and United States SMARTWAY and a series of domestic and international certification, passed ISO9001, TS16949 quality management system certification, ISO14001 environmental management certification, and GB/T28001 occupational health and safety management system certification.

In 2011, the company successfully passed the export inspection review, export inspection after reboot first to qualify for export inspection enterprises throughout the country. Brand industry topped sales network covering the "exquisite" trademark by the State administration for industry and Commerce recognized as China well-known trademarks, exquisite all-steel radial tire is a tire industry first China brand-name products. "Exquisite brand" was approved for two consecutive "focus on cultivation and development of famous brand of Shandong Province" list for eight consecutive "China's 500 most valuable brands" to 11.652 billion worth of brand value continue to the domestic tire industry accounts for the value of the first. "Exquisite brand passenger car radial tyres" and "exquisite brand radial truck tire" won the 2011 recommended brand product of China rubber industry association. Exquisite relying on strong strategic brand group, active market promotion and marketing optimization.

Retail agent over more than 130 replacement market development. Through the implementation of "thousands of shop project", formed across the flat North-North and South market network pattern, greatly increased market coverage and customer satisfaction. Supporting necessary to advance in the high end of the market, has become China's Shaanxi heavy truck, Faw, Dongfeng Automobile, beiqi Futian, Jinan, Chongqing Hongyan, SAIC, heavy truck, Xiamen Golden Dragon more than 50 domestic manufacturers such as main supplier.

Company was Shanghai GM Wuling, China heavy truck, Faw, Dongfeng Automobile, Shanxi heavy truck, beiqi Futian, Xiamen Golden Dragon, doosan engineering machinery, five in Shandong province, Yantai features a dozen well-known automobile manufacturers including granting various kinds of "excellent supplier", and for many years was named "National Park auto parts supplier".

Overseas market and spreading radiation of global networking, products are exported to more than 160 countries and regions overseas, India TATA, Relander automotive suppliers, passed two of the world's top six major global suppliers of the automotive plant supplier eligibility criteria. Implementation "out to" development strategy, active quest globalization operating mode for better to achieved company across type development of target, solution company products supply of reality problem, company has in China Guangxi liuzhou, and Beijing, and Shandong Texas three to and the Thailand established subsidiaries, using mature of information technology platform, achieved resources shared, full using local of resources and the location advantage, reduced logistics cost, improve enjoy cargo supply efficiency, in optimization products structure of while,

Also address impacts due to capacity constraints and bottlenecks for the development of the company. Enthusiastically promoting public career, actively practice line social responsibility sponsored China Women's volleyball, became China Women's volleyball 2011-2013 of sponsors; formed China first support woman racing team, participate in car National Rally Championship; crown name Linglong tire country like team, participate in 2010 national occupational League ahead of 3 wheel WINS, which Linglong tire country like team players Hou Yifan, get games and the World Championships champion, became history Shang most young of chess Hou; sponsored Australia Brisbane football team,

Yu 09-10 season ahead of two round won o Super champion, promotions 2012 Asia Crown League; perennial established exquisite tire student Fund, donated built hope primary school, carried out "love in exquisite, and autumn student" activities, help difficulties students dream University, series of action, promote social public career development of while, condensed has exquisite people shine humanity glory of large love feelings, reflected has exquisite height of social sense and sense. Company vision planning "Twelve-Five" during, company will continues to to "among world tire Qian ten strong, building world first-class tire enterprise" for struggled target, around "heavy technology, and caught management, create brand, and increased benefits" of operating approach, focus advance technology frontier of, and brand high-end of, and quality reliable of, and operating globalization, and talent internationalization, and management fine Yi of, six large strategy, strive to in "

Twelve-Five "reached an annual output of 50 million sets of tire at the end, sales revenues exceeded 22 billion yuan. Shandong Linglong tyres, Ltd add: Jinlong road No. 777, Zhaoyuan city, Shandong province Tel: () 0086-0535 fax: (0086-0535) mail: [email protected] domestic marketing department: () 0086-0535 fax: (0086-0535) email: [email protected] Ministry of internal support calls : (0086-0535) fax: () 0086-0535 email: [email protected] service Tel: () 0086-0535 fax: (0086-0535) mail: [email protected] human resources Department Tel: (0086-0535) mail: [email protected] Management Department Tel: (0086-0535) email: [email protected] brand strategy and market Planning Department Tel: (0086-0535) fax: () 0086-0535 email: [email protected]0 4 3 0 . Com

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Shandong Linglong tyres company limited is located in Zhaoyuan city gold-China, large tires is a specialized, large-scale, technology-oriented enterprises, companies with registered capital of 1 billion yuan, with a staff of nearly 6,000 people. Leading products of high performance radial car tire tire cover, pa..

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