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Yangtze University

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Summary:Yangtze University was in April 2003, approved by the State Ministry of education, from jianghan Petroleum Institute, Jingzhou, Hubei agricultural college, teachers college, Hubei provincial health workers Medical College merged to form, which is the largest in the Hubei Provincial College, the disciplines are more c..
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Yangtze University was in April 2003, approved by the State Ministry of education, from jianghan Petroleum Institute, Jingzhou, Hubei agricultural college, teachers college, Hubei provincial health workers Medical College merged to form, which is the largest in the Hubei Provincial College, the disciplines are more comprehensive University, backbone of the construction of colleges and universities in Hubei province.

  Is China National Petroleum Corporation, China Petroleum and Chemical Corporation, China National offshore oil Corporation and the Municipal Government of colleges and universities in Hubei province. School is located in the —-historical and cultural cities of the middle reaches of the Yangtze River in Jingzhou city, and a base of teaching and research in built in Wuhan. Jingzhou has a long history and splendid culture, is the birthplace of the Chu culture and the cultures of the three countries focused; is the capital of Chu during the spring and Autumn period, the great patriotic poet Qu Yuan's hometown, traditionally military strategists. Title nine provinces East of here the three towns of Wuhan, West scored three gorges, haomiao endless banks of the Dongting Lake South Waterfront, North down--insurance Sau Mai in Wudang mountain.

  Campus environment beautiful, scenic, garden-style in colleges and universities of Hubei province. The school has a long history, originally of jianghan Petroleum Institute formerly known as the College of Beijing petroleum industry founded in 1950, 1978 started undergraduate education, under the China National Petroleum Corporation, starting in 2000, the implementation of Central and local governments to build, transfer management of Hubei Province; the original branch in Jingzhou, Hubei agricultural college, formerly known as Huazhong University of agriculture, founded in 1977, 1989, approved by the State Education Commission as a normal undergraduate college

  ; Original predecessor of Jingzhou Teachers College was created in 1936 district IV summary of Hubei normal College, established in 1978, Jingzhou Teachers College, in 1999 by the Ministry of education approved the alterations as Jingzhou teachers college; former health worker in Hubei province health School of medicine grew out of Shashi in Hubei Province, was founded in 1951, 1977 Jingzhou branch changed its name to Wuhan Medical College, in 1984 was renamed the health workers Medical College in Hubei province. The school campus covers an area of 3,766 acres, 1.42 million square meters of school premises, 1.83 billion yuan in fixed assets. 82 of various laboratories, experimental Center, 336 of practice base inside and outside school, teaching and research equipment valued at 440 million Yuan. 3 million copies of the paper collection, e-book 10000GB, ordering foreign periodical 3,060, 50 foreign-language full-text abstracts and full-text database by category.

  Build a comprehensive gym, swimming pool and Stadium, venues, such as football, tennis, sport venue facilities. Teaching and administrative staff of schools 3,089 people, 2,083 people full-time teachers. Full-time teachers, 276 professors, associate professors, 763; 1199 teachers with doctorate or master's degree, of which 319 teachers with a doctorate. Existing national excellent teachers and Hubei teacher 6 people, enjoy State, and provincial government special allowance expert 51 people, Hubei Province has highlight contribution expert 18 people, Hubei Province new century high-level talent engineering first levels candidates 1 people, and second levels candidates 20 people, Hubei Province discipline leader and academic backbone 31 people; existing doctoral mentor 33 name, master mentor 422 people, part-time master mentor 128 people; has "double hired academician" 3 people, "

  Hundred people in Hubei Province planned "distinguished expert, 1 person," Chu Tian scholar "21. School level is complete, the existing "geological resources and geological engineering" Postdoctoral Research Institute on discipline, "geological resources and geological engineering", "petroleum and natural gas engineering", "crop" Dr 3-level disciplines, doctoral 8 second-level disciplines; Ma program in 23 subjects, 108 secondary discipline master degree. Who have the same educational level applying for master's degree-awarding authority, master of engineering, master of agricultural extension, sports master and master's of Business Administration degree-awarding authority, as well as university teachers ' in-service studying for master degree-awarding authority. With 83 undergraduate majors, including "resource exploration engineering", "prospecting technology and engineering", "Petroleum", "Agriculture", "mechanical design manufacturing and Automation", "chemical engineering and technology" 6 national specialty, the "electronic and information engineering "And" civil engineering works "11 brand specialized in Hubei province. "Agriculture", "mechanical design manufacturing and Automation", "electronic information engineering" three Professional WINS strategic emerging in Hubei Province (pillars) industry training project plan.

  Undergraduate related to economics, law, education, literature, history, science, engineering, agriculture, medicine, management of 10 disciplines; there are full-time regular students 32,793 people, 2,143 people full-time doctoral, postgraduate students, foreign students and 143. Schools there are 22 provincial key disciplines, "geological resources and geological engineering", "petroleum and natural gas engineering" of 2 level subject being selected as major fields in Hubei Province, "Geochemistry", "crop culture and science of farming" 2 secondary disciplines characteristic discipline by selection for Hubei Province, 13 major subject has a "Chu Tian scholar program "Professor positions. Existing 26 a national, and provincial focus laboratory, and engineering technology research center and experiment Center, which oil and gas resources and exploration technology laboratory for Ministry of education focus laboratory, freshwater fish species mass resources and biological technology laboratory for Ministry of agriculture focus open laboratory, wetland agricultural engineering research center for Ministry of education Engineering Research Center, electrician electronic experiment teaching Center for national experiment teaching model Center, 2 a Hubei Province focus laboratory, 1 a Hubei Province Engineering Technology Research Center, 6 a in the oil Group focus laboratory 2 a generic technology research center in Hubei Province, 2 provincial research base of Humanities and 9 experimental teaching demonstration Center in Hubei Province; 23 Central and local Government to build the lab. 2002-2004 national level discipline assessment, school "geological resources and geological engineering", "petroleum and natural gas engineering" 2 disciplines similar disciplines ranked in the top 10 in the country.

  Waterlogging disasters in petroleum science and technology, and wetland areas such as agriculture, the study of Jing-Chu culture with distinct characteristics. The "Eleven-Five" period, the school assumed the chairmanship of various research projects more than 2,700 employees at all levels, including national Natural Science Foundation, the Social Science Fund item 56, the national "863", "973" project 4; national, provincial prizes, 81 scientific research, including national science and technology award, second class 2; won the national and provincial level outstanding teaching achievement award 12; 147 academic books published

  , More than 13,000 articles published papers, of which, be picked up by SCI, EI and ISTP three retrieve 711 articles. Schools according to the needs for economic and social development, talent training model of innovation, strengthening infrastructure, steady improvement in the quality of education and teaching. Has sedimentary rocks Petrology under, and production measuring well principle under, and earthquake exploration principle under 3 door national boutique courses, mechanical under national bilingual teaching model courses; has 24 door provincial boutique courses; sedimentary rocks Petrology under boutique courses teaching team, and electrician electronic based courses teaching team is named national teaching team; resources exploration engineering professional teaching team, and oil engineering professional teaching team, and Earth physical measuring well series courses teaching team is named Hubei Province teaching team. School attention students innovation spirit and practice hands-on capacity training, is Ministry of Education Excellence engineers education training plans, and national students innovation **ual experiment plans and talent training mode innovation experiment district construction project of implementation College; School implementation credit system, and mentor system, and main auxiliary repair system, and double cannot, training system, and has Yangtze River University excellent students scholarship, and excellent Renaissance scholarship, and Sun Enterobacter sakazakii science education fund excellent students scholarship, and China oil scholarship, more than 40 over species, incentive students hard learning, energetic talent. Since the school building, school cumulative social training 20duowanming all kinds of specialized personnel, graduates throughout the Mainland, Gallop overseas, units of rapid growth of backbone, the elite of society. In recent years, graduated disposable employment rate remained at 95% per cent, one-time graduates employment rate is over 85% up and coming national moral models, made the national pacesetter Zhao Chuanyu for representatives of a large number of pioneering, innovative talents with high qualities.

  2007 school undergraduate teaching evaluation of the Ministry of national education, received the "outstanding" performance in 2009, the school emerged out of righteous heroes who sacrificed their lives college students nationwide collective —— "10.24" rescue hero groups of college students of the Yangtze River, received by the party and State leaders and high evaluation from the community. School adhere to open running, is national research cooperation education demonstration units, Hubei Province oil discipline graduate innovation base, and domestic 40 home oil enterprise and 82 a County above Government, and place enterprise established has school enterprises (to) cooperation relationship, school has and United States, and United Kingdom, and Korea, and Japan, and Russia, and Iran, and Azerbaijan, national 31 by College institutions established has collaboration relationship; and us, and British, and plus, and de, and day, and Han, and Russia, 39 a national or area of University, and

International cooperation and exchange between organizations, experts, and scholars visit; the United States and the United Kingdom, and Korea, and Japan and other countries sending students and recruiting international students. Contact address: nanhuan road Jingzhou city, Hubei Province, 1th Tel: 0716-8060550 (fax) Tel: 0716-8060550 zip code: 434,023Welcome to 0430 website library

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Yangtze University was in April 2003, approved by the State Ministry of education, from jianghan Petroleum Institute, Jingzhou, Hubei agricultural college, teachers college, Hubei provincial health workers Medical College merged to form, which is the largest in the Hubei Provincial College, the disciplines are more c..

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