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Hebei Normal University

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Summary:Hebei Normal University is a provincial key University with history and glorious traditions; schools originated in 1902, founded in Beijing Shun tianfu Academy in 1906 and created the Tianjin Beiyang female teachers ' training school. In June 1996, the Hebei Normal University, Hebei Normal University and the Hebei I..
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Hebei Normal University is a provincial key University with history and glorious traditions; schools originated in 1902, founded in Beijing Shun tianfu Academy in 1906 and created the Tianjin Beiyang female teachers ' training school.

In June 1996, the Hebei Normal University, Hebei Normal University and the Hebei Institute of education, founded in 1952, founded in 1984 in Hebei vocation-technical teachers college merged, formed into new Hebei Normal University. Alumni in the old generation revolutionaries of Deng yingchao, Liu Qingyang, Guo Longzhen, Yang Xiufeng, Kang Shien, Rong Gaotang etc, academic celebrities Liang Shuming, Zhang shenfu, Tang yongtong's reorganization, such as yan luguang, academician, Hao bailin, Xu Shaofa, CAI zhenghua, a group of elite sport.

Since the founding of new China, schools training over more than 190,000 professionals for the country. School covers an area of 1222.87 acres (1829-acre new campus is under construction, opening in September 2010 of 280,000 square meters, in September 2011 will be enabled as a whole), library books 3.27 million copies. Schools serving 2,863 in staff, full-time teachers in 1415, 326 professors, associate professors, 546, academician 1 person, provincial excellent experts 102, Ph 151 people, Master Trainer 846 people.

In school 's, 30,985 students who graduate 3,519 people, 22,265 people ** education students. School is now installed 21 professional colleges, 1 independent College (huihua). Undergraduate 87; doctoral degree authorized discipline 8, training doctoral admissions professional 49; disciplines at the master's level 26, recruit training master professional 131. Disciplines covering the philosophy, law, economics, literature, history, education, management, science, engineering, and other disciplines. 1 national key disciplines, postdoctoral research station 6, strong characteristic disciplines in colleges and universities of Hebei province, 4 provincial key disciplines and 15 provincial key laboratories. Schools with Hebei provincial Institute of vocational education, Institute of Education Sciences, Institute of education, Institute of ancient books and other research institutions.

In addition, the school also has a national training base for primary and secondary school teachers, national key construction of vocational education teachers ' training bases, training of instructors in colleges and universities and the Ministry of education training base, Hebei province middle school teachers ' continuing education centre, a Centre for teacher training in colleges and universities in Hebei province, the center of modern educational technology in Hebei province, China education and research network in Hebei provincial bodies such as the master node. Continue to deepen the reform of education and teaching in school, continually raising the quality of teaching.

Are has national talent training mode innovation experiment District 1 a, and national teaching team one, and national features professional 6 a, and national boutique courses 3 door, and national experiment teaching model Center 2 a, national teaching teacher 1 people; has Hebei province undergraduate education innovation Highland 7 a, and provincial teaching team 5 a, and provincial brand features Professional 8 a, and provincial boutique courses 54 door, and provincial experiment teaching model Center 5 a, and provincial teaching teacher 11 people. Teachers training school construction, vocational and higher education has "three simultaneously" complete system, training the integration of teacher education. In particular, starting from 2006, System top post internship teaching project, and serve as a basis, and gradually formed a "3.5+0.5" new talent-training model, features further enhance teachers ' education. Post internship support, was at the forefront of national colleges and universities, has been generally welcomed by primary school has received full recognition of leaders at all levels and the Ministry of education, State Councilor Liu yandong instructions twice in this work be promoted. The enhanced features of teacher education at the same time, positive developments in non-teacher education, cultivating needed talents for economic and social development.

2009 school received the national teaching award, 2010 school entered into "dozens of Bo" college ranks, personnel training quality continues to increase. Year in external research funding growth in 2002 to 6.1 million dollars in 2010 to 52.1 million dollars. Years of State Fund project number among the universities in the province, assumed the national "973" project, "" 863 "plan, national social science fund key projects, the national compilation of Qing history works to the main type of project and a number of national projects with greater impact. In 2010, the national natural science award in Sun Daye fellow of the research group, fill the gaps in Hebei province. Some natural sciences study published in Science, international authoritative academic journals such as ThePlantCell, humanities and social science research achievements won the national outstanding achievement award, National Humanities award, Lu Xun literature award in dictionaries, and so on.

Advantage of basic research into play at the same time was formed in Hebei province, Yan-Zhao culture research center of mathematics Research Center, active school-Enterprise () increase cooperation in enhancing the use of technology and research and development, service capacity markedly enhanced local economic construction and social development. The school's extensive international exchanges and cooperation, with the United States, and Russia and the Ukraine, and Belgium and other countries over more than 30 universities, colleges established inter-school exchange relations. Schools for foreign students was approved by the former State Education Commission authorized agents, recruiting students and students in Hong Kong, Macao and abroad.

Available from Japan, Korea, Italy, Britain, the United States, Canada, Indonesia, Thailand and other countries of long-and short-term language and graduate students more than 300 employees. School party committees insisted on "grasping party building, improving party building and promoting the work centres around the Centre", in a spirit of reform and innovation to strengthen party building and ideological and political work for the school's development provided a strong political, ideological and organizational guarantee.

Since 2003, the school has convened two meetings of Congress, two representatives of the province's colleges and universities participate in the national working Conference of CPC in colleges and universities, and successively by the provincial party Committee and provincial Government awarded CPC red banner units, civilized unit, advanced grass-roots party organizations and so on. School of running positioning and running target is: based Hebei, and-oriented national, for province basic education training backbone teachers, for provincial University training courses teachers, actively service Hebei economic construction and social development; to undergraduate education mainly, moderate development graduate education and other various education; to discipline construction for leading, constantly improve education quality and research level; adhere to scale, and structure, and quality, and benefit coordination development; will school construction became teaching research type, and comprehensive, and high, and has features of new Normal University, Among the forefront of similar institutions nationwide.

Currently schools are deepening the teaching reform and education reform in the internal management, carrying out scientific development view, promoting educational innovation, towards the established goals. Contact address: 20th South second ring East Road, Shijiazhuang, Hebei province zip code: 050024You care: w w w. 0430. c o m

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Hebei Normal University is a provincial key University with history and glorious traditions; schools originated in 1902, founded in Beijing Shun tianfu Academy in 1906 and created the Tianjin Beiyang female teachers ' training school. In June 1996, the Hebei Normal University, Hebei Normal University and the Hebei I..

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