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Deal deal coupon sites affiliated with Quanzhou Quangang District dimension network technology company, on May 26, 2010 on line operations, is the forerunner of the network's deal!

For consumers "to save money every day, happy life" is our mission. As network group in 2010 of rapid development, face whole industry full swing, potential into prairie fire of situation, on deal group network in homeopathic development zhiyu, more to keen perception grasp businesses needs, to macro perspective thinking industry development, to innovation thinking deepening group operation, lead interpretation network group open platform mode, variable traditional line Xia marketing for line Shang direct, great release has entity businesses and online businesses of network group needs, revolutionary of promotion has network group market of prosperity,

Network group to a new height! Worth knowing that for consumers: the consumer save money, reassuring, consumption, saving time and effort is most like; cost-effective group provides content-rich, super low prices on a daily basis, while all kinds of goods of high quality. Extended buying commodity options, amazing low price, meet the unique diversified consumer demand, truly worth "saving money every day, happy life" brand advocates!

Online spending, logistics got home, so you save time and effort. Business: worth buying are helping corporate brands, sales of goods and services platform convenience group-release system, Corps purchased activities add an upload Flash to complete, flexible, real-time publishing, and need not wait.

Through cost-effective, quality merchants are facing huge amounts of high-value target consumer groups, significantly improve passenger flow and sales, easily enjoy the fruits brought about by the network's deal Mo jiaolei! Privacy statement-effective group buying (http://www.jiuhuasuan.com/) with promises of this statement on privacy protection for users of this site. Cost-effective group network privacy statement is improving, with the expansion of the scope of this site services will update the privacy statement at any time.

We welcome you to view the privacy statement at any time. Privacy policy on deal group network very attention on user privacy of protection, user of message and the phone,, personal information for user important privacy, on deal group network commitment not will personal information as it way; commitment not in is not obtained user license of situation Xia unauthorized will user of personal information information rental or sold to any third party, but following situation except: 1, and user agreed let third party shared information; 2, and user agreed public its personal information, enjoy for its provides of products and service; 3, and

This site needs to follow a court subpoena, legal order or to comply with legal process, 4, found that users of this site in violation of our terms of service or other terms of use of this site. Instructions-effective group-net user can set passwords to protect your account and information secure. Users should be fully responsible for the confidentiality of their password. Please do not share this information with others.

If you are using a public computer, please exit worth buying when you leave your computer network to ensure that gets your information from subsequent users.

Terms of service use-effective group buying network services and be bound by this user agreement. Contact: national customer service hotline: 0595-27766558 QQ online customer service: postal address: qixia, Quanzhou, Fujian Quangang District modern Galleria 45#7 a business cooperation hotline: 18,050,958,585 business QQ:1009152262 if you are a media, channels, trying to negotiate resource substitution and market cooperation, please contact: email: [email protected]You care: w w w. 0430. c o m

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You can enjoy:Deal deal coupon sites affiliated with Quanzhou Quangang District dimension network technology company, on May 26, 2010 on line operations, is the forerunner of the network's deal! For consumers to save money every day, happy life is our mission. As network group in 2010 of rapid development, face whole indus..

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