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Summary:We show only network affiliated to Guangzhou Mao Trading Co Ltd, is oriented to the female consumer, beauty product-focused one-stop beauty shop on the Internet. Show only net trade Co Ltd Guangzhou Mao as its only cosmetic B2C e-commerce platform, relying on the company's strong industrial background, show only the ..
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We show only network affiliated to Guangzhou Mao Trading Co Ltd, is oriented to the female consumer, beauty product-focused one-stop beauty shop on the Internet. Show only net trade Co Ltd Guangzhou Mao as its only cosmetic B2C e-commerce platform, relying on the company's strong industrial background, show only the net with many quality brands and vendors and suppliers to establish a strategic partnership, ensures normality and diversity of sources of goods.
At the same time, removed all the middleman costs thunderous 100% low price of goods to meet consumer demand for money.
Show only net solemn promise: all merchandise 100% place, over 198 Yuan postage-free, and support within 30 days of purchase. Show only the net through a new e-commerce model, to provide users with personalized service, and from a number of perspectives to help users better spending decisions, show only the net, you can not only do the selection of love, you can also enjoy the show Web-only guests with thoughtful care. Allow you to stay at home, you can enjoy shopping!

Taste the lifestyle, walk in the forefront of the beauty!
Frequently asked questions FAQ 1, whether the product is genuine? Show only Mall credit management, cooperation with many brands of manufacturers, distributors, high demands on product purchase channels, and must ensure that all products are authentic. Established at the beginning of the creation of a strict procurement management system, all products undergo a strict quality inspection in order to ensure the satisfaction of your merchandise. At the same time, to the maximum extent possible to ensure that your interests, we also offer a 30-day unconditional return policy service, truly risk-free shopping.
To sum up, please rest assured that shopping.
We are committed to: Sau 100%, authentic, if not authentic, fake pay a ten.
2, what is a 30-day unconditional return policy, did not satisfied with really back? Yes, 30-day unconditional return policy is our commitment to you. As long as you keep your merchandise, accessories and packaging for sale again, that does not affect cases of secondary sales will enjoy a 30-day unconditional return policy services. But if you were damaged goods packaging, accessories, or due to improper use, rather than a product damage caused by quality problems, without access to the services, please forgive me. Replacing two way postage expense, does not receive the pay.
If we send goods damaged or we sent the wrong goods, such as reason, postage after we receive the goods to your show only account.
3, why not dates?
Imported commodities, usually in the form of lot number date of manufacture, batch number of each brand has its own unique method, you can consult our General skin care product has a shelf life of three years, makeup shelf life is five years.
4, product effects, okay? Products with individual differences, any product that is not 100% from sensitive or valid, even if the same is oily skin, there are some other objective factors, such as absorption, weather conditions, the living environment will impact the result.
So please be understanding when we answered carefully, more experience you can access shows only the community, products of the brand experience is available for your reference.
5, allergic reaction to products used to do? All cosmetics are likely to have tiny allergy rates, after all, a m hundreds of people, allergies are not the same for everyone, no cosmetic can everyone apply, people eat cereals are also going to get sick, too, let alone what chemicals? Allergy season and are also sometimes has a lot to do. If you of skin too sensitive, please in purchase Qian best first to Shoppe try about, consider clearly only purchase, after all is with in face Shang, we not producer, cannot commitment, also no commitment effect of responsibility and obligations, as has beyond has we of range, so allergy caused return problem are not reception, this special reminded, please you carefully of select for themselves of products.
You can contact us at manufacturers of beauty consultant, they will give you the right guidance.
6, questions about demo products? Sample products from the quality point of view, is to dress exactly the same product. Counters are generally appears as a fulfilment to send gifts, but many buyers want to experience products at relatively low cost, so we introduce some sample marketing services. Sample products are based on normal goods procurement, there are costs, can't give like food court!
Sample products without boxes, also bearing the samples or not for sale, no plastic, part of the sample itself does not manufacture date, logo on packaging, so mind MM tread carefully down.
7, why some products are not full? Since the filling process and other factors, of the content of the bottle itself and the actual content of the product will have a gap, leaving a gap between the bottle and avoid causing leakage of liquid or transport when squeezed, we pledge to intact new products to you.
Care for this particular buyer, please choose to buy seal products. 8, show the coin Exchange and Mall stuff together?
How to do? You can!
In the following order, the "order PS" column marked "show currency exchange", or direct customer service MM notes so that you only pay postage for Mall shopping, no additional delivery charge.
9, I got items wrong, how to change it?
Product wrong made please first time provides photos, stay we verified Hou, we provides replacement product sent back address, returned postage please looked first advance, not receives to pay pieces, received replacement Hou, we will replacement and you advance of postage together sent to you, specific matters please call we of customer service hotline: 4000-1199-86, we will provides order you satisfaction of solution programme. 10, hours of ordering what is?
When shipping? Monday to Saturday, 08:30-18:00 online time. You place an order, when payments will be shipped in 1-2 business days.
After the delivery, the user Center —— my order —— query shipping order number, in Express website.
11, what I ordered in stock, yet up to now? You may order in the logistics process, believe could soon reach your hands. If more than 1 week did not receive the goods, we will contact the logistics sector, help you resolve this problem.
You have any questions about an order, please contact customer service for advice.
12, do not register can be purchased?
Sorry, not registered cannot be purchased, due to this: If you are not registered, your order could not be saved in the system, if there is a sales problem, will give you very much trouble, and you can't save your shopping points, some members of ex-gratia product you will not be able to buy, so we recommend that you register and buy. 13, Mall freebies samples did not receive?
How to replace?
Show all shopping mall full of gifts were sent only required operation is completed in the same order, order meets the requirements a gift will be automatically added to your shopping cart, not artificial distribution of gifts, so please order carefully check the list, certified payments, avoid unnecessary trouble, we will be shipped according to your shopping list.
Mall activities will be presented on a regular basis not appropriate gifts, gifts sent up during an event, first-come, first-served, but during the campaign, when it has been given away the gifts, we will send another gift for you, please understand!
14, show only store product description free trial free trial is a show only Centre regular activities, are generally authentic sample, no packaging, no sealing, tested product is a nonrefundable-for recommended MM buy carefully, get the free does not support cash on delivery, uniform pay 22 dollars entry fees and buy other things does not charge additional courier fees.
15, courier receipt inspection before it? Show only Mall except cargo to payment House rush sent can prior cargo again payment outside, other of express general are is requirements first signature Hou inspection of, this is express industry provides of, if encountered attitude bad of salesman, requirements you signed for has only inspection, MM were can do not and express occurred conflict Oh, you can first signature, then signed for of list first not to express, because they is to took has check single back capable of of,, you finished package, no problem, again put list handed Express, let he out to, This is against the express, the little tricks.

If a package is damaged or something like that, can reject, or the first time you can contact our customer service, we will help you with any problems. Contact us: [online service] service hours: daily 9:00-18:00[complaint suggestion] If you have any questions, please feel free to tell us customer service phone: 4000-1199 customer service mailbox-86: [email protected], attention: show only the net address: Jiahe Hok Peng Ling Road, Baiyun district, Guangzhou, 5thWelcome to 0430 website library

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We show only network affiliated to Guangzhou Mao Trading Co Ltd, is oriented to the female consumer, beauty product-focused one-stop beauty shop on the Internet. Show only net trade Co Ltd Guangzhou Mao as its only cosmetic B2C e-commerce platform, relying on the company's strong industrial background, show only the ..

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