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Summary:CheXun network to provide the most timely cars offer you, the most authoritative automotive information, the most professional car pictures, one of the best car video, one of the most abundant car mod.
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CheXun network - one of the most trusted car website!

CheXun network to provide the most timely cars offer you, the most authoritative automotive information, the most professional car pictures, one of the best car video, one of the most abundant car models, the most popular car BBS, net is one of the most trusted car. Everything is in the news network!

Bus - chexun.com, affiliated to the Beijing Internet information service co., LTD., is a collection of the early stage of the automobile consumption guide information, auto car e-commerce transactions, mid late auto car service in China's first comprehensive service of the whole value chain of automobile consumption digital media platform.

Founded in 2008, the predecessor for horses and chariots station car network, is the industry one of the auto media focus first B2B business model. Phoenix nirvana, in 2010, renamed the car news network, fully auto vertical Internet media; The car down the lane debut, open car media era, China's auto meter into 2.0, become the auto industry the most unique, professional and authoritative Chinese Internet the first automobile dismantling columns.

Relying on abundant high-quality information articles, media view of personality is distinct, fair guide in rigorous attitude, professional real test data, etc., car) network to win the trust of users; Lead the age of the Internet informational data trend, car - network become one of the most reliable car media users, and the industry tongren widely recognized. In 2011, the car network the attention line surge, after a year of rapid growth, the flow in the nine months to realize the rapid growth of the 40 times, the growth of the Internet myth created the car. In 2012, the car network promotion to black on the Internet, mobile market layout, pulse after China's auto market. At present, the car site daily more than 50 million, PV peak more than 120 million, PV industry ranking steadily improving, successfully entered into a line of auto media. 2014 years, telecommunications network formally to car Internet integrated in the top five, bold challenge giants, expand overseas markets, began to lead the car Internet fashion direction.

At the end of 2013, the car site leads the Chinese e-commerce transaction, successful connection O2O business model, and realize the domestic first single vehicle full online trading. In 2014, the car site building China's first auto trade, auto supplies and services, e-commerce trading platform. Car network using combination strategy, through jingdong mall, gome online, Su Ningyi purchase, tencent e-commerce platforms such as clap become the nation's leading automobile trading operation composite service platform, radiation national automobile consumption market. At the end of 2014, car electric business platform for public release, become the leading O2O mode of automobile electric business platform.

Car - interconnected group has four big entity department, including car dispatch network, electricity, car - mobile and open car, one each for automobile network media, automotive electrical business, mobile car information and reviews four areas, has become the Internet portal level innovation media comprehensive strength.

The core ideas The good faith for this

Car - to have the bottom line is unique temperament, attitude of media vehicle dispatch network promoting innovation, look at the industry with a new perspective, new thinking, with large data into more users to provide comprehensive services.

Car net actively listen to user feedback, the first time for the user to disabuse, provide information and convenient Internet applications quickly and accurately, in a fair evaluation, real and reliable data and information, at the same time, through the agency of the media for the corresponding rights and protection for consumers.

Strives for realism the innovation objective and professional

The car down the lane, the car network's flagship program, in order to "just, fair and open" as the tenet, "all-round perspective multi-angle review car", by the trust of users. Car news network, has been sticking to procure the hottest competition models, car in tsinghua university expert technical support, all the video record by dozens of models and dismantling steps, intuitive thorough interpretation models and the details of the work. Car down the lane, uncover the essence of the product for the automotive consumer, really let users "smart car, understand car.

Car news network has a strong professional editor team, the timeliness of news information, clear of news review, review and dismantling of professional and to the popularization of video programs and follow the international trend of science and technology, leading auto fashion culture in the media industry.

Car web attaches great importance to the development in the field of car, car "reviews" products, with "the most objective review The lowest price discount "for the guidelines, actively expand after the car market, provide consumers with the required quality service after buying a car. At present, has won hundreds of thousands of users and thousands of stores in Beijing, to the development of the country.

Car dispatch network with professional technology platform and innovation consciousness. Car network product innovation, to develop the mobile application service, launched by via "buy" mobile application products, provide more users with mobile personal services, through the user "car - a car - car", become indispensable tool in life to have a car.

Car - electricity market after attention

Car O2O advocated by the electricity is a kind of brand-new business model, create a good sales space, establish the consumer close real sales platform, to achieve satisfactory tripartite win-win results. With leading O2O vehicle sales concept, novel and fashionable mode, the year 070 million and stable user base, and ranked the third media advantage, car - electricity become an indicator of the electric car business development.

As pioneer of auto media, car network uphold the principle of law-abiding justice conscience, give full play to the correct media guidance, reflects the positive function to user demands, the standard industry criterion, promote healthy sustainable development after China's auto market. Car mall, attention in the form of its own electricity after the car market, for the welfare of consumers and standardize the market's normal operation, to promote domestic brands abroad, guide the owners right consumption, promote China's auto industry make a contribution to the world stage.

Market diversification potential users

Car site focused on auto dig of interactive marketing and strategic coordination, with the domestic 23 provinces more than 200 lives and driving school class web site for long-term cooperation, inclusion content swaps, material improvement, database sharing, advertising, public welfare propaganda and so on a variety of ways of cooperation. Through life with the most basic class and driving school class resource sharing, car news network has realized the vertical media cooperation, media resources into the secondary development of the user group, widely expanded the direct car population, driving school students, white-collar elite groups and potential basic user.

In six years, the telecommunications network and the car more than 150 network media, more than 40 mainstream print media, more than 30 car magazine, six TV media and dozens of radio has established the good cooperation relations, media form the strategic cooperation, together to maintain and develop the potential consumer groups.

Substation layout services across the country

By 2014, the car - connected with east China, south China, north China, xi 'an and Harbin, a total of five branch has more than 80 cities across the country set up stations, covering the country's main lower-tier cities. Each substation equipped with a professional team, responsible for the collection of information, for regional customers with targeted market information, and help manufacturers improve the service of local regional markets.

"Car E bought is car - the first Internet products, operations management, transaction management, service management, financial management, activity management, system management, six big modules, involving models to submit and models, models uploaded, car trading, settlement, car after-sales service and other business chain models. Car E purchase and integration of resources, on the basis of humanity, scientific management, effectively solve the problem of the tradition of the vehicle electrical contractor, comprehensive Internet of automotive electrical business.

Advocate environmental protection social responsibility

As auto media in the 21st century, the telecommunications network has always attached great importance to social responsibility and public welfare undertakings; From beginning to end, is actively advocate green environmental protection, is an early pioneer in traffic safety. In the promotion of energy conservation and emissions reduction technology, eco-friendly and efficient energy, support independent brand in the events such as technological innovation, car always walk in the forefront of telecommunications network propaganda. Car network structures, the user and the bridge of the enterprise, to assist the domestic and foreign car companies optimize configuration of technology improvement, achieve harmony and win-win market situation, improve the important link of the green environmental protection. Car news network to the masses of users, industry elite, technical expert brainstorming, to advise on the auto industry energy conservation and environmental protection process, giving a meager force.

Car news network "Yu move plan", actively promote and popularize knowledge of traffic safety, to minors through learning, the necessity of promoting traffic safety, make them consciously abide by traffic regulations, and in their daily lives to protect their own safety, to reduce and avoid the happening of the tragedy. Car news network "Yu move plan" for minors and family benefit, also show the youth of the traffic safety propaganda media is energy.

Equality and justice Humanistic feelings

Car site promote feelings of western culture, promotes the courtesy to respect employees, attach importance to employee benefits and improve treatment, provide a variety of training opportunities for employees, to establish a fairly benign competition mechanism, create a good office environment, create a harmonious working atmosphere, strives for realism the innovation reward, the support for personal development and encourage employees to start a business. A member of the Internet as cars, car dispatch network is committed to maintaining the benign development of auto industry.

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