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Shanxi agricultural University

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Summary:Shanxi agricultural University is located in the Shanxi province taigu County, from the provincial capital of Taiyuan, 45 km. School was founded in 1907, the years of historical and cultural heritage are all prestigious after Ming yin, Ming Yin College of agro-industrial Academy, Ming Yin College, agricultural colleg..
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Shanxi agricultural University is located in the Shanxi province taigu County, from the provincial capital of Taiyuan, 45 km. School was founded in 1907, the years of historical and cultural heritage are all prestigious after Ming yin, Ming Yin College of agro-industrial Academy, Ming Yin College, agricultural college, Shanxi, Shanxi agricultural University in 1979 changed its name and is listed as a national key University, Comrade Peng Zhen, inscribed the school name. Spans a century in the course of running school "willing to dedication, professional music education" teaching, "work hard, practice-oriented" style and "Chong, hard school" school spirit of Chicago. Since the third plenary session of the party, especially in recent years, the school has achieved great development, provincial recognition of hundreds of items. In 2005 the Ministry of education in undergraduate teaching level evaluation to be excellent.

School Centennial was held successfully in 2007. School students more than 20,000 over people; faculty more than 1600 over people, which Deputy High above titles more than 400 over people, 80% above has master above degree, distinguished academician 3 people, State degree Committee discipline comments group members 1 people, State degree Committee professional degree education guide Committee members 2 people, national has highlight contribution expert 2 people, Ministry of education "new century excellent talent support plans" WINS who 2 people, Shanxi province "

New century academic technology leader 333 talent engineering "candidates 3 people, has introduced Shanxi province" hundred people plans "three batch total 7 people, has central contact of high expert 1 people, provincial contact of high expert 30 people, province College Working Committee, and province education contact of high expert 45 people, province (Department) level youth discipline leader, and province young backbone teachers more than 60 over people, enjoy was awarded more than 60 over people.

Schools with agricultural college, College of animal science and technology, College of horticulture, College of engineering, forestry, resources, environmental sciences, the College of Arts and Sciences, public administration, economic and trade, food science and engineering, school of information science and engineering, College of life sciences, Graduate College, the College of ** education, the Department of physical education, organized a Sino-German cooperation Institute, the school of information. Continue to deepen the reform of education and teaching in schools, efforts to improve the quality of talent cultivation, has been the provincial teaching achievement awards more than more than 60, national first prize, 3 second 1. "Eleven-Five" yilai, school in teaching quality engineering aspects constantly made breakthrough: has national teaching teacher 1 people, national teaching team 1 a, national boutique courses 2 door, national teaching experiment model Center 1 a, national features professional construction points 5 a; provincial teaching teacher 22 people, provincial teaching team 3 a, provincial boutique courses 15 door, provincial experiment teaching model Center 6 a, provincial brand professional 11 a, provincial talent training mode innovation experiment District 2 a. Active development of graduate students education in schools was one of the first universities to recruit graduate students in Shanxi province and one of the earliest access to authorized points of colleges and universities. Ph 63, Master Instructor more than 300 employees, the outstanding tutor team of graduate education at the provincial level 2, excellent tutors of graduate education at the provincial level 5.

Or national English contest for college students, college students in Shanxi province in the country "Challenge Cup" competition, mathematical contest in modeling in scientific and technological activities, such as access to hundreds of awards. Vigorously promoting the construction of discipline in schools, advantages of prominent features. Postdoctoral Research Institute on there are 5, 5 level disciplines authorized to offer doctorate degree points, second-level disciplines authorized to offer doctorate degree point 25; discipline master's level 10, master of second-level disciplines authorized to offer 46, professional master's degree 3.

Has national focus (cultivation) discipline 1 a, provincial focus discipline 4 a, provincial focus construction discipline 5 a, provincial focus support discipline 4 a, undergraduate Professional (with professional direction) 62 a, undergraduate ** education professional 11 a, specialist ** education professional 7 a, gradually built has a so agricultural section and life science for features, agricultural, and acting, and workers, and tube, and by, and text, and law, and taught, more discipline coordination development of teaching research type University. Scientific research strength, has achieved fruitful results. Currently has research institutions 34 a, Ministry of agriculture transgenic biological products components oversight test test center 1 a, provincial Engineering Technology Research Center 4 a, provincial focus laboratory 2 a; has national wheat industry technology system post scientists 1 people, Shanxi Province modern agricultural industry System Chief expert 7 people, and Deputy Chief expert 5 people, and post expert 59 people, Shanxi province "12,316" three agricultural service hotline expert 46 people, Shanxi province spark technology "12,396 "Sci-tech information services 6 experts, agricultural science 110 10 experts, Enterprise Technology Office 7. Since reform and opening up, more than provincial research award to schools over more than 300, in which National Science Conference Awards and 2, national science and technology progress awards and 6, the State technological invention award on 3, the national natural science awards and 1 national spark science and technology awards and 2, breeding new varieties of more than more than 60, creating social and economic benefits of more than 50 billion yuan.

School in international Shang established has first a sheep camel skin cDNA base and for has measuring sequence, more than 7,000 multiple gene is United States NCBI website included; in Shaanxi weinandiqu established of soybean high yield quality model base became domestic first home per Mu breakthrough national super high yield plans indicators of soybean base; established has more than 100 multiple agricultural science, and research base, distribution in province the main crop district, led and radiation has around area, promote has a large number of achievements to production practice into. Schools insist on mission to serve local economic construction since the beginning of cumulative training farmers, cadres, technicians, 3 million passengers, become an important rural cadre education and training of farmers in Shanxi province base. Schools cultivate new rural construction and the talent needed to develop modern agriculture to guide graduates to a vast undertaking in rural areas, in the selection of cadres at township level in recent years, college students village officer, services, volunteer work in the West, is single largest national universities across the province. Since 2003, there have been more than 100 students participated in the "plan of University graduated volunteers serving Western China."

Since 1998, there have been more than graduates are selected for the Township cadres, cadres of college students, accounting for 60% per cent of total number of singles across the province, within and outside the province of the people's daily, China Central television and other media attention. Actively promote opening up in school exchanges. Provision of student education, in cooperation with the German Association for educational exchanges, foster Germany students; and the United States, and Germany, and Japan, and Australia and the United Kingdom, more than more than more than 10 national university cooperation and Exchange, in order to provide a broad platform for the development of the students and teachers and more opportunities. United States and Europe from Berlin University building has been for more than a century of history.

Since reform and opening up, there have been more than more than 150 foreign experts and teachers to give lectures, teach, which come from the United States with more than 100 passengers has dispatched more than 200 visits to study abroad education in schools, to the United States more than 50 visits; the school has sent more than 600 students at their own expense to study Germany study abroad. Schools education resources, campus environment, and covers an area of 2,236 acres, 645,900 square meters. Campus green area of 470,000 square meters, 110,000 square meters green lawn, hedge trimmer with 9,600 square meters, trees 28,700, over 220 species, more than 50 kinds of precious and rare tree species, such as Ginkgo biloba, sweet-scented osmanthus, Lung Shan, Chimonanthus praecox, eucommia ulmoides, cedar, etc. School has paper mass collection 1 million book, e-book 500,000 book, in the foreign journals more than 2000 over species, for staff of learning, and life and the carried out academic culture exchange activities provides has excellent of environment school running quality high, talents, built school yilai training has more than 80,000 over various talent, distribution in South, industries, which most fought in agricultural management, and research line, for Shanxi and national of agricultural modern and rural social economic development made has major of contribution. School training has a large number of revolutionaries and politicians, as Tan, and Zhang Shude, and Gao Keting, and Luo Yuru, and Li Qing, and Zhang Weichen, and Hao Deqing, and Zhao Zhenxin, and Feng Zhimao, and Zheng Shekui, and Jin Yinhuan,; training has a large number of scientists, as WANG Zhi-Jun, and Zheng Zhemin, and Xi Chengfan, and Guo Chengji, and Zhu Zun right, and Zhuang Wenying, Chinese Academy of Sciences, and engineering homes academician, national famous soybean breeding expert Wang Shou, and pig expert Zhang Longzhi, and raised sheep expert Lv Xiaowu, and raised cattle expert Ji Yilun, and international agricultural research consultations Organization Secretary-General Alumni Wang Ren Dr, and

Dr George f. Gao, Director, Institute of Microbiology, United States national institutes of health senior research fellow Wang Zhirui, Dr.

Shanxi agricultural University after the great changes of a century, on the happy occasion of science, the talents of rare opportunity, shoulders the new mission of building a new Socialist countryside, is moving towards building local agricultural colleges advanced the goal of teaching and research universities advance with big strides! Contact address: Shanxi taigu, Shanxi agricultural University Party Committee's propaganda department PS 030801 Tel: 0354-6288284Welcome to 0430 website library

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Shanxi agricultural University is located in the Shanxi province taigu County, from the provincial capital of Taiyuan, 45 km. School was founded in 1907, the years of historical and cultural heritage are all prestigious after Ming yin, Ming Yin College of agro-industrial Academy, Ming Yin College, agricultural colleg..

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