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Summary:China baby network is by far the most professional baby supplies chain e-commerce service provider China babies free membership store chain mode, allows you to enjoy the original manufacturer wholesale price, product quality assurance, 100% enjoy manufacturers swap rate. Following the party's 16 on building a we..
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China baby network is by far the most professional baby supplies chain e-commerce service provider China babies "free membership store chain" mode, allows you to enjoy the "original manufacturer" wholesale price, product quality assurance, 100% enjoy manufacturers swap rate. Following the party's 16 on "building a well-off society", the key stage of reform and development in our country made 17 large and "scientific development" and "ecological civilization" construction to promote harmonious society, capture the full construction of well-off society of the new victory, is of great practical significance and historical significance. We get together and the most talked-about "rich well-off", continued under conditions of full construction of well-off society in the era of the new implementation of "scientific Outlook on development", then what science enrichment?

In "baby," the most potential and "Qian Jing" business? According to world experts believe that baby products market is the greatest potential for current and future development, gains one of the lucrative industry, is pulling all the baby products industry GDP growth powerhouse. Relevant organizations of the United Nations issued a report saying, baby products industry is the industry of the 21st century. How big is the baby products market? According to the fifth population census published bulletins, 0~3sui infant of about 69 million in mainland China, the city 0~3sui of which more than 10 million infants. Because in the 1980 of the 20th century's third birth peak impact, 2005-2020, the reproductive number of strong women aged 20-29 years old will form a small peak, led a small peak in birth population and family planning China has accumulated nearly 100 million only children, after entering the 21st century, these people have been entering their childbearing years, will enable the fertility level has increased. A combination of these factors will enable the birth rate and the number of births has increased significantly. In 2033, our population will reach a peak. From market analysis to know: neonatal supplies in urban household monthly consumption up to 900 Yuan Yuan. Coupled with the large rural consumption of infants in urban areas, the baby products market in mainland China market will exceed 100 billion yuan every year.

Looking for wealth and how are we going to get her out. Hua Ying 1+1 chain management mode is determined to free units and individuals engaged in the baby products market development provides a model for success, a business opportunity, a short cut to wealth. It is well known that in today's increasingly competitive environment, create wealth and opportunity for both a capital and strength for someone who does not have a separate venture is not going to be easy, even for investors who have the financial strength, in such a time of respect for knowledge and information, by virtue of capital was not available to create a copy of my own career.

China baby "free chain" model will round your establishment a successful independent career dream. Free chain can bring you any good? First, round you a success founded independent career of dream; 2, and share brand Gold: brand is a honors, and quality, and service of symbol, has very high of gold; consumers on brand of identity greatly shortened has open shop who of inputs period; 3, and share operating know-how: "take others of ladder, log home success of floor", using headquarters of experience and information, to avoid led to 80% early camp who eventually failed of various risk; 4, and share Headquarters provides of support: training, and management, and advertising, and promotions,, easily open shop,

The lucrative. Baby network cooperation with China, you are not starting from scratch, perhaps you may not have the expertise in marketing and management experience in infants, you can immediately use in cooperation with China baby Wah baby headquarters, management skills, business know-how, expert support and business knowledge, extensive training. Free chain of successful models have been proven to be effective, as an investor you reference these standardized management, resource sharing with headquarters.

China baby free chain, can through China baby network this professional of carrier, obtained more of infant supplies aspects of information, turn in themselves familiar of area range within open belonging to themselves of chain branch, investors more understand this chain branch not independent of, she has and network combined of scale benefits, imagine about hundreds of home and more of China baby chain in after unified planning, and unified management, methodical of gradually promotion, and development grow, that will is for investment commercial and social brings how economic benefits and social benefits.

"Chinese baby chain information system" software, easily solve the sourcing problem to open my own business venture; "Chinese baby" trade marks authorized to address the issue of store image; infant and the sharing of successful experiences in China will provide you "mystery shop"! We welcome friends investors across the country, babies with China network to create a caring, contains a great wealth of Sun.

If you are interested in using their "shop" shop and becoming "Hua ying free chain Alliance" Member store, please fill out the online free "chain store opening application form" or download the application form and fax to 0755-88850156, audited by completing China baby chain, "" Chinese baby "mandate contracts", go through the Agency. Contact way company name: Shenzhen City points billion technology industrial limited company new address: Guangdong Province Shenzhen, Nanshan District, sea Avenue new insurance fai building 18J headquarters new phone: 0755-88850156 original company address: Shenzhen, Nanshan District, sea Avenue new insurance fai building 20C zip code: 518054lai company ride route: 1, and Metro: take Line 1 line to world of window station, transfer 204 road, and 113 road until snake mouth direction bus, in "South oil building"
Station can be.
2, bus: buses to Shekou by any direction, "South oil building" station.
3, Airport: direction airport, Shekou in Shenzhen Baoan International Airport for 10 green bus, "South oil building" station. Themselves drive or hit of: by "wide deep high-speed" in "Nantou" Xia high-speed, by fun checkpoints (charges station) out Hou, that Shang sea Avenue (figure in the from airport out red line by shows) 1, and manufacturers cooperation partners: [email protected] (with website cooperation, and exhibition cooperation, and media cooperation, and magazine cooperation,) phone: switchboard go 818, and 828 2, and opened chain ( Get system information software to use it): [email protected] Chinese infant area substations (get system information software to use it): [email protected] telephone: switchboard, 828, 821, 818 days off duty: 13,510,156,935, "Chinese baby baby" Star Awards for election activity: send photos: [email protected] 4, commodity information: [email protected] Tel: 0755-88850156 to 5, technical support database maintenance: [email protected]Welcome to 0430 website library

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China baby network is by far the most professional baby supplies chain e-commerce service provider China babies free membership store chain mode, allows you to enjoy the original manufacturer wholesale price, product quality assurance, 100% enjoy manufacturers swap rate. Following the party's 16 on building a we..

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